Capture-Life July 02, 2014
your portraits and their eyes.. are aaahhhmazing ! :):) well done !
ElmarBayer July 03, 2014
intriguing portrait
avimiaaz August 03, 2014
off-the-charts incredible!
jorisj August 17, 2014
cornishsailor August 26, 2014
I like this
yesyoudid August 30, 2014
SherryAnnCloud55 October 14, 2014
I love this photo, it is very captivating!
loripeterson November 05, 2014
This is incredible. His eyes are mesmerizing.
michaelwsf December 01, 2014
Stunning, captivating, haunting, mesmerizing. Perfect!
Dacemac January 20, 2015
Superb! Congratulations!
sebastianmuglia January 21, 2015
...especially for the eyes!
antoniozarli January 23, 2015
Stunning, magnetic eyes, great capture
BuckinghamPhotoArts January 24, 2015
Love this! Congrats, it's a beautiful capture!!
Dallas_Wolas_Photography January 26, 2015
Wow this if Zeus was a person, this portrait would be Zeus's. Looks like him.
thenickelwell March 20, 2015
very cool portrait. congrats on being featured.
Remraf March 20, 2015
Great shot!
AshThomson March 20, 2015
AlanJakarta March 20, 2015
Marvelous mono portrait - excellent work. Congratulations on being Featured.
sxsvexen March 20, 2015
Fantastic portrait and superb processing!!!! Congrats!
andredevilliers March 20, 2015
focus point being the eyes....excellent, well done!!!
CMcDaniel March 20, 2015
This is even more powerful cropped in like shown in the feature. Great job! Congrats!
tetvet March 20, 2015
great portrait congrats
barbarabrock March 20, 2015
Those ARE amazing eyes. They guy really ought to shave and clean up a bit!
tammyswarek March 20, 2015
AlissaBethPhoto March 20, 2015
Congrats on the feature!
deancw March 20, 2015
The texture of this portrait is incredible. You've captured the spirit of this man!
tissa7 March 20, 2015
christiancarroll March 20, 2015
Congrats Russ! Incredible work as always.
cordelia_s March 20, 2015
Incredible portrait. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
CanadianOutlaw March 20, 2015
Magnificent !
Attlay March 20, 2015
outstanding !!!!!
Teri_Reames March 20, 2015
Amazing eyes . . . Awesome photo!!!!!!
travelfaraway March 20, 2015
Simply amazing.
kathyallison March 20, 2015
So much of life in those hypnotic eyes!! Really great portrait.
Byronfairphotography March 23, 2015
matej007 March 25, 2015
Fantastic work
dsteabner March 26, 2015
the eyes just draw you in, I had no choice but to look at it.
very well done.
williamgeisler March 27, 2015
I dig it.
karencrozier April 02, 2015
You have totally captured this man...
jbowen April 07, 2015
Lovely work!
arlomarkantonatos April 12, 2015
Teach me! Beautiful imagery.
sarka April 24, 2015
oh shit! sorry for writing this but when I'm looking at your portraits I feel like I'm almost touching the soul. The history is within them. May I ask if you've used digital ?
melissarasanen April 26, 2015
This portrait speaks to me, draws me in. Amazing work!
Christofa May 03, 2015
Wow! it gets better and better. This and others that I have seen are expertly exposed images, could be large format productions and as others have said it earlier, hauntingly magnetic.
lisarasmussen May 03, 2015
What a Captivating Capture. Thank you
ilyk May 17, 2015
Brilliant! His eyes are just... Congrats!
hosseinalavi June 17, 2015
Great job...Thank you man :)
ChristopherLH June 19, 2015
Those eyes. I clicked on this over 2 hot chicks on the FB post. Solid man.
iamtherie June 20, 2015
Stunning and the eyes a magical!
photographybybarbi June 25, 2015
Striking eyes... excellent processing!
BrendaCrawford July 01, 2015
One of the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen...
RickSchwartz July 23, 2015
Eyes that span the ages.
abjorob July 26, 2015
amazing shot
Sitka August 02, 2015
You have a gift at capturing the soul of these folks!
ewelina79 August 08, 2015
Beautiful portrait!
CWphotos5 August 18, 2015
One of the best B&W portraits I've seen...those eyes just grab the viewer! Congratulations!
BenSniPics August 20, 2015
This is stunning.The eyes pull you in.
debbiecrowe August 21, 2015
Wonderful, stunning photo. This grabbed me and held on. Love it
cjervis August 22, 2015
Such Haunting Eyes.
GNikolovPhotography August 25, 2015
very Powerfull. Fantastic Work.
JDLifeshots August 26, 2015
Amazing capture! Congrats.
pietnel September 12, 2015
DavyQuo September 13, 2015
great capture ... congrats on awards
tammyswarek September 16, 2015
Amazing work!
tracyboylejaeger October 01, 2015
So amazing! Love this portrait
nandicmb October 06, 2015
Congratulations on ALL your wins!!
debbiekeithhellems December 10, 2015
I love all your photos, Russ! I have so many questions, but above all, WHERE did you find these subjects? Very intrigued!
RussElkins December 10, 2015
Thank you for your comment and question.
RussElkins December 10, 2015
Many in small cities in the Appalachians o West Virginia. Some in larger cities around the U.S..
CSKphotography January 28, 2016
I really couldn't say which pictures of yours is best.. Incredible work!
RussElkins January 29, 2016
Many Thanks!
jenniehettrick April 27, 2016
Beautiful work!
RussElkins October 21, 2016
Thank you!
Rosey1 November 03, 2016
Absolutely awsome what a capture
RussElkins November 03, 2016
Thank you!
chrissiecallaghan December 11, 2016
He has one of the best faces I've ever seen. he looks like a Greek god
Paulacook144 December 19, 2016
What a wonderful portrait image. Well seen and handled.
test-ad June 08, 2017
JCOPortraitist June 17, 2017
Beautiful!!! congratulations :-)
LCauley February 27, 2018
Wow, his eyes immediately draw you in! Great job!
KristinaKalvaityte March 17, 2018
Amazing portait!
bobtoye August 26, 2018
Those eyes . . . marvelous portrait!
Annis November 05, 2018
Those eyes....!!!
jaimgirl Jan 12
Those eyes are stunning. Great pics! Wow!

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