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Capture-Life June 02, 2014
WOWIE!! amazinggggg ! :):)
carolyns June 04, 2014
Love this photo....and so good to read some details about it. Good nickname for her too! :)
katiezirkle June 07, 2014
great shot! enjoyed the story with it too
kathymuhle June 16, 2014
Perfect name - even has her look - love the photo and the description! Without doubt this is a keeper!
1quietlady June 16, 2014
FrankSomma June 24, 2014
Precious! Where's Fang? A classic.
vojce July 31, 2014
bravo,great shot
Linelady August 14, 2014
Awesome capture - love it!
hwishnick February 06, 2015
Bad feather day?
kdkat February 15, 2015
She is perfect!!! Beautiful Capture. And I love your Details info. It makes the shot even better.
Cobble-Art February 17, 2015
Thank you! I do think she is perfect. To me she reflects how life happens on a daily basis, she's real.
ReneeBlake April 21, 2015
Love this ! Made me smile :)
Crazypuke May 19, 2015
your shots are out of this world. Amazing
jvillainc June 08, 2015
I think Phyllis would be PROUD - voted!
normg123 August 14, 2015
Great shot. She looks like our collie when the groomer trimmed off all of her fur due to a misunderstanding. Poor dog hid under a table for weeks.
catherinethompson May 28, 2016
What a fabulous shot - so bedraggled yet still so powerful. Well done.
ericjohnson May 28, 2016
Congrats!. I love it when Phyllis pops up in my feed.
MaryAnne306 June 16, 2016
What a marvelous capture, funny and beautiful. Thank you for all the details, so interesting to read about her personality. I'm a little surprised to see the feathers look so wet, though. Congrats!
BrianBasson September 15, 2016
A bad hair day in the making. Perfectly timed with lots of detail.
mlorenekimura September 19, 2016
Fantastic photo!! I think she is saying - Can't a girl take a bath without lookie lous????? LOL
Smiffy October 04, 2016
What a superbly funny picture - love it !! Eileen
karenbchris November 06, 2016
awesome photo and narrative
Pjerry December 08, 2016
Gins1 January 26, 2017
Another brilliant photograph. Well done!
Mspower November 19, 2018
Someone is having a bad hair day


We've nicknamed this beauty "Phyllis" after Phyllis Diller. We sat on the beach and watched her while she very happily and meticulously took a bath. At one po...
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We've nicknamed this beauty "Phyllis" after Phyllis Diller. We sat on the beach and watched her while she very happily and meticulously took a bath. At one point she looked directly at us and we caught this image. She wasn't at all happy about having her bath interrupted. You can write your own caption but I think she's thinking something along the lines of "Seriously, you're going to take my picture now.....just look at my hair!" She was determined not to move a muscle or feather until after we left. So we packed up and allowed her to dismiss us. We love her and have a large print in our home just because she makes us smile every time we look at her. She's the most perfect, unregal eagle ever and she owns my heart!
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