Grollie March 20, 2017
I just wished I were sitting in that boat next to you !
aleclux March 20, 2017
Thanks, there was enough place, we were just with 2.
CarpeDeeM April 29, 2017
WOW! What an awesome photo Alec. I just love it. There's really nothing more to say, except good luck. I hope you win.
aleclux April 29, 2017
Many thank for your support
carollwatts April 30, 2017
This is incredibly unique. Perfect in every different way. ????????????????????????
aleclux May 01, 2017
thanks carol, so much appreciated
richardhowell May 08, 2017
aleclux May 09, 2017
thanks Richard
Roussou August 16, 2017
Pure magic, great shot and it sounds like you had a amazing day.
aleclux August 17, 2017
Thanks Roussou, one to never forget
claumeeruddy October 07, 2017
Most enjoyable!
aleclux October 08, 2017
thanks for looking through my gallery
love the simplicity
aleclux Mar 04
many thanks

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Mar, 2017

Infinity 2

Those shots were taken on lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. All around the lake we can find those dead trees, which are completely hollow and mineralised. We traveled around the lake for 10 days with a houseboat. That day was one of those cloudy days. The clouds were unified and the sun could barely get through. The water was very calm and reflected the sky. In the afternoon, I saw at a far distance a herd of elephants, at least 50. They were coming from the bush and headed to the water. I asked the guide to take the small boat and navigate towards them. He even didn’t notice the herd at that moment. We immediately jumped into the boat and went straight to the herd. It took around 20 minutes till we arrived close. During that trip, I took several shots. It was a wonderful moment looking at the herd, bathing and spraying water all over them. The calfs played around, the mothers took care of them, and the patriarch had a look on us. Sometimes we could get closer, other moments we had to go a little further. After their bath, they took the time to rub their skin with red sand. Suddenly, they disappeared into the thick dry bush again. The patriarch never left his sight on us. What a moment, so intense, and so happy to see this. The whole ritual took an hour and half. We headed back to the houseboat. On the way, we encountered 30 hippos getting out the water, taking some heat and having a nap. Again it was a very enjoyable moment, unforgettable. Back at the houseboat, I had a look to the pictures taken. I immediately noticed those 2. We just see a perfect reflection between the sky and the water. On all other pictures we see calm waves on it. This is the reason why I selected those 2; no waves, the reflection divided by a piece of land, mineralised trees, and of course the silhouette. All together creating a minimalistic and nearly abstract view of Africa. The shots were not modified in photoshop, just a little contrast, a little vibrance and shifting the white-balance.

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Won Contest Finalist in African Wildlife Photo ContestApril, 2017

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