From delicious appetizers and small bites to main dishes and desserts; for this food photo contest we invited you to share your best photos showing food with chances to win a Fujifilm FinePix Waterproof camera and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jakub Šnajberg for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "I remember it like it was yesterday when I first got my analog camera and I went out with my grandfather to try it out. It was night and we went to Prague - my first encounter with long exposure photography. Then we went home and developed black and white photos ourselves in a bathroom. Since then I got hooked and started taking photos of everything. After many years of taking photos, I started experimenting with digital art which made me realize that I can give my photos a unique look, mood, and feeling I want."

"_MG_4627 " by (A)begoama

"Lemon Drizzle cake " by socreative

"Foodporn " by ilyablinov

"The Dilemmas " by ElenaParaskeva

"IMG_3458 " by caprin

"Cake " by Josef4727

"Blueberry Lemon Cake " by Jackie_Kancir

"Chocolate fondant " by YvonneJeaK

"0 IMG_5098-1 " by TawnyHorton

"Gluteenfree heaven " by photobynorb

"Hot Pepper " by (A)annakoperczak

"The Dessert " by felicityberkleef

"Lemon cake " by juliseven

"Dandelion flowers cake " by giordanoaita

" " by nazf27

"deserts " by alinpacemaker

"Cucumber dish " by stefaanachtergael

"Time for Breakfast " by Eduardbetz

" " by StephenLittlePhotography

"Sitting Pretty " by cathos1244

"pumpkin love " by toddcollier

"Cake, food, dessert, sweets, colors " by zoezullo

"Blueberry pancake " by cakemp55

"Burger " by lenaschlmersndergaardangioni

"Red Raspberries " by AngieMarie79

"Oreos and Milk Flat Lay " by jeanettefellows

"Coffee & Cheesecake " by mark-kathryn-vegera

"D81A9508-1 " by DMilestogo

"Chocolate Raspberry Mini Torte " by labels_30

"Burger love " by TravisMiddleton

"Chocolate Soy Mousse " by betsyarmour

"Tomato Ice Cream " by kaitlyn_briggs

"Chocolate vanilla cake with caramel drizzle " by ashoknair

"Breakfast " by aaronschwartzz

"Tea time in Cotswolds " by Magicaltrails

" " by DeoIron

"Breakfast Elegance " by schevallier

"picture 173 " by Catclaw

"Yummy Pops " by inspyred

"en-conserva " by MONSUGAR

"Herbs 1 © Bob Riach " by Bob-Riach

"IMG_4891 " by dcarasso

"Lunch is served " by (A)Aspirephotography1

"Red Smoothie " by angad13

"to perfection " by meillergallery

"Sweetness " by WhitneyLevinPhotography

"Fish " by xaltair

"Peanut Butter Cookies " by tigercat

"Dinner for One " by glenmarshall

"Cannoli " by joybello

"mexican nedted egg skillet " by snapshott

"Sweet as Nature " by Heidi777

"IMG_20191117_134222-01 " by ralphhppin

"2D3A6096 " by SabryMad

"Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie " by cheriejordan

"Breakfast " by Daniel_A_Angulo

"Have a Cuppa and choc " by Forfarlass

"Coffee Beans " by Burnettj

"Fraternal Twin Puffies " by RyanCottam

"Blueberry " by johndellaert

"Berries! " by doemiso

"Juicy. " by Benedictgarness

"Homemade Chewy Ginger Biscuits " by dancinggecko

"Reese Pieces cake " by Snowflake07

"Breakfast " by Zzuzka

" " by Macro_art

"DSC_2612 " by prozach25

" " by joshjamison

"“Voy a ser como los árboles. Dejarlo en lo viejo para dar paso a todo lo " by MLazaroMartin

"coffee creamer drop " by (A)daveklimek

" " by (A)stevegermana

"20171206_083544-01 " by (A)Awayoutphotography

"Turkish Delight " by (A)radovanzierik

"coffee time " by (A)debsbain

" " by (A)gayledwyer

"Photo " by (A)Hartmudt

"Afternoon Light, at the coffee shop " by Beno62

"Sometimes I bake " by PixelsInLightspace

"Double Up " by Boholm

"Dinner for two " by zarkopiljak

"Raw Brownie " by lrizzodg

"Pizza " by fotoneurotic

"Flying pancakes " by daliaa

"scrumptious " by JenniferLynPhotographyAZ

"Rotisserie Chicken " by bryxter

"Lemon cakes " by mssunshine

"cookiemonster2 " by ellestaples

"Food study 1 " by scottfranks

"Cupcake Decadence " by nlhammondphotography

"Blueberries for Breakfast " by adavies

"Tuscan table " by etrdryzt

"Crab Cakes and Arugula " by JayneBug

"Icelandic Lobster Feast " by (A)stephspares

"Burger " by thombarbour

"Sweet treat " by (A)CatBro

"tmp_22778-20160612_184221-1772498614 " by shaahin

"Candid Dining Unstaged using Canon 6D, tamaron 70-200 f/2.8 to catch the first movement " by darrenlovecchio

"A La Boulangerie " by (A)Cookies4U

"Gugelhupf Bailays " by Joerg

" " by alincota

"Something For A Sweet Tooth " by (A)rvfowler

"Blue Berry's with Ice-cream " by ADesign

"margarita pizza " by sljmisskitty

" " by isasphotos

"_46B0016 " by markopaakkanen

"Established 2004 " by Morgan_Lytle

" " by candacehensley

"food " by (A)jackiegoodwin

"Start " by anuad

"Taco Taco " by albaker

"chocolate " by luisasalomon

"Single Cupcake " by Ayersphotography

"Honey Porn " by Ckayphotos

"Mains for the dinner " by donhege

"Holiday Cookies " by KayleighKay

"Holiday Cheesecake 3 " by mvilaret

"Poppies & Grapefruit " by ckrogs

"Yummy Macaroon " by kathrynsklenakdannay

"Storm Clouds " by knightswhosay

"Shadow Lover " by MsChrisD

"Macaron.02 " by juri_77

"Breakfast menu " by naurisdollins

"Asian Food Series 1 " by CoreyForde

"Lulu's Cafe-9736 Signed " by DougBergeronPhotography

"Holiday Temptations " by tyeshialbarnes

"Ice cream " by maijpictures

" " by a01parashar

"Chocolate Coconut Muffins " by FromFrostToFlowers

"Eat with your eyes " by andrearussellphotography

" " by danymillerphotos

"In the snow " by lisaamandabradshaw

"It’s a Comfort Food Kinda Day " by jmatechuk

"Chocolate Mousse " by majkakmecova

" " by adelethorpe_6036

"The Asparagus " by MuffyOne