Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo showing creative use of angles and composition in the Your Point Of View Photo Contest with chances to win a Canon EOS 70D camera body or Nikon D5300 camera body (winner picks the prize!).

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Alex Benetel for her collaboration as a guest judge. Alex Benetel is a twenty one year old student and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Being fortunate enough to have travelled to many places since quite a young age, she has become very familiar with the importance of documenting a memory or special occasion with the use of a camera. At the age of 16, she enrolled in a Visual Design course which sparked her passion for photography. In 2014, she was named as one of the 20 best artists on Flickr and was flown to New York to exhibit her work. The Flickr20under20 exhibition was curated by Ivan Shaw, Director of Photography for Vogue.

"Rush Hour" by ChiefIntensiv

"Sewing-2-" by jenniferwilhite_photog

" Mr Poppins" by SarahCaldwell

"View from the backseat" by BHurley59

"Beauty in Stregth" by katyvetter

"Arctic Splash" by hpd-fotografy

"A Bit Delay" by hunterhappaerts

"hello." by tristanduplichain

"Crystal Ball I" by CVFoto

"MYSTIC RIVER" by HugoAugusto

"Mudeford Huts" by haconedgley

"Sunset at Historic Yates Mill" by DaveShort

"Mother and Daughters" by vclink

"Grassland train " by donaldbrotherston

"Thirsty Squirrel" by ChiefIntensiv

"A Midsummer's Night Dream" by adrian-borda

"Karl Meets the Golden Gate Bridge" by GuacInk

"FISH DRYING THIN" by chueardi

"Godafoss hike" by manoumaudgal

"Eternity" by Dolcefoto

"ren in blue" by (A)deguslemon

"Sunset over SS Nornen" by markpeters_0069

"Venice at sunset" by MichelJodoin

"Sunset at Anglesey" by PaulGJohnson

"The Log" by DGLucas

"Changing sands" by DeanJewellPhotography

"Lighthouse Park West Vancouver" by PierreLeclercPhotography

"From my window, taken at nipah valley. sukabumi. west java." by dikkysoesin

"Magical Dynjandi" by paaluglefisklund

"Finn" by tracymunson

"Sky Light ..." by (A)mikecopestake

"Skogafoss" by TomazKlemensak

"The Moment" by Adam_Burke

"Alaska ice" by (A)arthurtian

"Inside-Double-Arch" by phillip_brossette

"Star" by marconunofaria

"Between Hell and Heaven" by jackietrananh

"Through the Glass" by epicphotosbyjohn

"A day to remember" by (A)busycs

"Drawing his own" by petersvoboda

"OUR SHAME" by nikosladic

"Inle Fishermen" by DrewHopper

"Wrecked boat, Donegal" by photonblender

"Rolling Fields of Palouse" by HamishMitchell

"Checkmate !!!" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Rooftopper - White Knuckles." by DanK

"Woodland Princess" by Celtic

"Bubble evening" by Anton_Petrus

"Gilsfjörður" by madspeteriversen

"Old bridge II" by MichalCandrak

"Garapata Sunset" by fidfoto

"Foreign land" by ChristosPetalas

"IMG_0754" by (A)Alicja

"Waking Up" by Karisa-L-Clark

"A wonderful world" by antocamacho

"Refugio Frey" by jeremiasthomas

"untitled" by dixiejbrumm

"Spherical Sky" by ValHallen

"Volcano" by (A)Pixelart

"winter evening in Lviv" by Myroslav

"Carriage" by calmas5

"Its Too Late" by Waynerd

"Flag at peace" by markenglish

"St Nectan's Falls, Tintagel, Cornwall" by Bynack

"Shadow Arch" by mwagstaff

"Lighthouse Park " by tomhill_photography

"Euphoria" by kapuschinsky

"Broken Inn" by (A)Margi

"foggy shadow tree" by (A)sockeblu2

"Rose" by ReaVasic

"After the Snow" by pnewbery

"Radford Lake" by MihaiPenghios

"Gristmill" by Ohiodaniel

"Caught Ya" by droptinecollections

"Escape!" by sujatasetia

"Green Parrot snake - Costa Rica" by JimCumming

"gasadalur waterfall - the faroe islands" by ovi_craciun

"Royal Winnipeg Ballet" by rejeanbrandt

"One..." by kbrowko

"Mystical Koosah Falls" by mattpayne

"Rise and Shine" by PaulWatsonPhotography

"Pemaquid Point Light" by (A)AnnSagel

"Dreaming" by JanPoloni

"Dandelion Sunset" by deitrick

"Moraine Lake" by (A)jasondarr

"Caterina Ballerina" by PeterCannon

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto

"The Eye Of The Dragon" by lucalibralato

"Colloseum Puddlegram" by bengreenphotography

"Merlin over Mustang" by BenHalen

"Bridging the gap" by edsonreyes

"Elowah" by ryanbuchanan

"_MG_7244" by tonygoran

"Vernall top down" by karstenmay

"Tulips of the Valley" by hasanmahmudtipu

"Greenlandic skyscraper" by DanielKordan

"lone traveler" by szcstams

"Transporter" by zayyarlynn

"The Jump" by jcosorio

"catoptrophobia" by laurenclaire

"Stacked Formation" by yipDog