For this photo contest, we invited you to share your most stunning images of wildlife in their natural habitats, showcasing their beauty, uniqueness, and diversity with chances to win a Tamron 24mm F/2.8 lens, 100 VIEWBUG Coins, and an exclusive feature.

Meet the Master Judges Jeff and Angie Birmingham: Jeff and Angie Birmingham are a husband and wife team who have been traveling the globe together from the time they met, jumping at every opportunity to capture the beauty of nature and all it has to offer. The images they capture are all about the outdoors and each image tells a story in natural landscapes, many with local or exotic wildlife, epic or intimate.

Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Whale acrobatics " by JohnSmall

"Leaping Jaguar in Brazil " by BigJer

"Fight for the right! " by gottobeme1234

"Hwange Sunset Elephants at Waterhole-3 " by Pegertler

"3202022Cranes Geese Coytoe (17) " by DEGrabenstein

"A Protective Mama Elephant With Calf " by KayBrewer

"_DSC4610 " by outside

"Frosty morn...

Yellowstone National Park " by stevealder

"Mud Bath " by garys760

"Coyote " by SCranston

"bull moose AI " by french1944

"the King " by bendikstalheim

"Footwork " by JeffNBrenner

"Lulu " by deannadesheawild

"Who told you to come out? " by xaltair

"Snow Bound Bison " by billsisson

"McNeil River 14-11-21-6-97 " by samtyler

"Mama Bear, Baby Bear " by beckykempf

"Dolphins at Play " by PeterEvans23

"Love " by Hedde

"Monkey Life " by Joacomaj

"Longneck 2.0 " by Kris_M

"Shark and the photographer " by petrpolach

"Elephant " by martinson-crusoe

"A lonely impala (1) " by IsNo

"Brown bear (Ursus arctos) " by KalleP

"Portrait of a Kalahari Lion " by lawrencehenrybird

"The White " by D-Munn

"Wolf in wildlife " by irostap

"Animal-2 " by JonByronV

"Icy Look " by DMartinezPhoto

"The Scratching Post " by AnnHopta

"Grizzly " by michaelmarcoux

"Mother & Baby 01 " by ronharrison

"Bartender, get me a Scotch on the Rocks. " by texaaronpueschel

"Schuil maar bij mij " by edvanderreek

"Perchance to dream! " by ivantrotman

"African Herd " by JohanEngelbrecht86

"tiger shark and diver " by (A)karyllgonzalez

"Live Like Lions " by (A)Amart535

"Honeymoon Couple " by RudiZ