Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing wildlife in winter landscapes in the Wildlife In The Snow Photo Contest with chances to win a Polaroid Cube and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laurie Excell for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laurie Excell is founder of Excellent Photo Adventures, author of several highly informative books about composition and wildlife photography and has been a presenter at Photoshop World several times. Laurie has received numerous awards for her photographic excellence and her teaching skills; she is a highly sought after speaker and an acclaimed wildlife photographer based wherever her trailer is currently parked. Laurie leads Excellent Photo Adventures throughout North America and beyond, taking small, intimate groups to amazing photographic locations-such as Alaska to photograph coastal brown bears, Yellowstone, in all seasons, to capture the wildlife and landscape at their best, to Tornado Alley to chase super-cells and to many other amazing locations.

"Irja" by (A)MariLaegreid

"Red Fox in the Snow" by jessicakirste

"Sleeping Beauty" by marselvanoosten

"SNOWBALL FIGHT" by Cobble-Art

"Chasing Lunch" by (A)Twilightgirl

"Oaremos, a mountain goat" by Andre11

"_MG_8455FamilyPortraitSnowing" by KarenCelella

"Air Snowy - Snowy Owl" by JimCumming

"Great Horned Owl " by beabinka

"snowy squirrel " by amandabeersphotography

"Fox foxed!" by animalartist

"Icelandic horse" by MattMcGee

"Well, Hello there pretty girl" by steveclevidence

"Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. 01/2017" by alainmauviel

"Sleepy Bear" by NorthernLightsDesign

"On the move" by sandythompson

"Cougar leaping off tree" by hibbz

"Bald Eagle Flying At Camera" by davidnorthcott

"Stand your Ground" by bmackenziephotography

"Bald Eagles" by RodSchwartz

"Winter Ghost" by HarryC

"Insync" by scottwickward

"Great Gray Owl in Snowfall" by TKFranzen

"Power" by katesherry

"Canadian Lynx" by sratcliffe

"Snowy Take Off" by deannefortnam

"Jumping Polar Bear" by ericbettens

"Bald Eagle having his say !" by Grenfell

"_MG_6872-snow" by nshearman

"Wolf shadow" by anitaprice

"_B6I5517" by jeffpedersen

"no see no hear no speak" by elfiedwards

"Bluejay in snow" by (A)Mcbeek

"Coyote - BCLP-2" by Pegertler

"The Sentry" by RJHPhoto

"Wild Mustangs of the High Sierra" by DwaynesWorld

"Reindeers Are Out Walking" by GigiJim08

"One Step at a Time" by Lpepz

"Great American Bison 7" by lancealexanderlowrie

"untitled" by redsled84

"Bison with Snow" by debcoimages

"Snow Bunny" by (A)Kyte

"Red Fox" by KellieNetherwood

"Wild horse" by vedranvidak_1401

"Baby bear" by philippeconstantin

"Snowy Horses" by fcornish

"Charge" by (A)simpledesertgirl

"The bearded reedling (Panurus biarmicus)" by aleoko

"A Call in the Wild" by kathymuhle

"Moose Enjoying Sunset at Earthquake Park" by seantaylor

"Where has the ice gone" by Kris_M

"Getting Ready for Lift Off" by (A)karinmcfarlane

"LRM_EXPORT_20161231_093003" by (A)daviddaily

"Iceland seals" by wildlifemoments

"Winter Horse" by David-B

"lost in the snow" by Anneliese-Photography

"Twins" by kdooley

"About to Pounce 3-29-01" by samtyler

"Broken Wing II" by (A)tgroman

"foxes" by (A)mariejosecouture

"Bill and Emma (or maybe Jane)" by HaliSowle

"National Bird - The American Bald Eagle" by troymarcy

"Antarctica seal" by Brenda13

"Snowy day Great Grey Owl" by stevenrose

"R U lookin' at me?" by katemontague

"Road Block" by (A)jules1580

"Mr Fox" by philowen

"I walk alone" by harrylyndonskeggs

"Group of Penguins" by elissatitle

"Chamonix Ibex" by ericcriswell

"Great Horned Owl Named Chomper" by (A)Bazz

"Joy in the Moment " by saraascalon

"fun in the snow " by CreativeArtView

"Zeus the Alpha Male " by byrnephotography


"Ice Queen " by deemchl

"Grumpy Black Bear " by russellmilks

"A Tad Sly " by stuartclark

"starling " by bradnel

"Bald Eagle Fight " by brandonbroderick

"Winter blackbird " by DanielSE

" Out of the storm " by kathijensen

"Pine-Marten " by tracymunson

"Horse in the Snow " by The_Whitography_Project

"Curiosity " by Jeff_Larson

"Catching Lunch " by kaunisto_pasi


"Red sky at night " by suedoughertyoffleash

"Snow horses " by leetomkow

"Baby Its Cold Outside! " by JGemplerPhotography

" Redtail Hawk winter hunt 160b " by Batesphoto

"Snowy Owl - Inner Mongolia " by Frogfish

"Snowy Mountain Brumbies " by Style29

"Stare Down " by Tlcmom2

"iceland_ponies_kalfatellsstadhur_060 " by gilesrrocholl

"Young Buck " by liasimcox

"A Dream " by jtmoody

"Curious George " by Thimbee

"Yellowstone Coyote " by brianbaril

"Pounce! " by (A)ianchen0

"Deer on the Snowy Train Tracks " by mitchmccoy

"White Tailed Deer " by (A)CRamsay

"Plodding Through " by (A)ben_bannister_822

"Snowy Yaks " by pansybrandtwinters

"Eastern Screech Owl " by brandonbroderick

"D8O_2391 " by fionadj

"The Hunt " by cindiroddan

"Winter Merlin " by jamieburris

"Hidden " by Titus

"Looking Forward " by wild_man_photo

"The Ice Queen " by gennacard

"Deep in Jackson " by bryonworthen

"A Winter's Gallop " by crystaldiane

"Tatonka " by davidcschultz

"Juvenile Bald Eagle " by debbieblack_8105

"The Great Grey " by gfobert

"Golden Eagle " by theshawnamiller

"20161224-12-31 " by (A)LeGuilloux

"stand " by caitw

"Brrr ... cold " by twieczorek

"Buffalo - Color " by BrianMDoucette

"Siberian Tiger in the Snow " by (A)margaretskogland

"Let it snow " by sandyseyecatcher

"winter " by magorzatakuriata