Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing wildlife and water in this photo contest with chances to win a GoPro HERO and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Lisa Langell for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Lisa is a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer with an international following. She is known for her signature wildlife images that artfully capture breathtaking, split-second moments. Her images evoke both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer, offering not just a photograph—but an intimate experience with nature. Lisa’s artwork has earned recognition and awards from the National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photographer’s Association, Professional Photographer’s Association, Arizona Highways, and more.

"Stealth " by thurstonphoto

"Iceland seals " by wildlifemoments

"Breaking Through " by patrick9x9

"Guardian of the Clam " by questforwildlife

"Splash Landing " by ianwaite_8878

"American Crocodile 0ver-under 1-29-18-6952 " by wussdiver

"The Beachmaster " by HarryC

"What are you doing here? " by suzyfuquea

"IMG_9328 " by Chickey

"Bison " by katemontague

"Swim " by Beyerphoto

"Clamming upright " by ccpence

"The march of the penguins " by lmr337

" " by davidhemmings

""Incoming!" " by smkeena

"Waterfall - Pacific Whitesided Dolphins at Play " by PNWnative

"Bushbuck Baby " by lindiekolver

"Drinking at Dusk " by sallybryancullen

"Dinner is served " by Joecf

"Hitching a ride " by zachparkerimages

"Jumping out of the water " by gerdaeilts

"giantssleep " by romainbarats

"A Great Ride " by jozi1

"Mates " by WorldPix

"Joy " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Risso's Dolphin " by TrekLightly

"G0028703 copy " by stephenleonardi


"The great escape! " by angad13

"no see no hear no speak " by elfiedwards

"Animals in cage " by Lopez980

"Reflecting " by ventenni

"Wings " by franklinabbott

"He Says Hi! " by KaszPhotoCreative

"Okawango Delta " by valerioleone

"Feeding time " by CoastalRealm

"Crocodile on the Okavango " by andytaylor756

"Zebra Shark " by MatthewKou

"Humpback morning " by Thatsguy

"One last look " by michaeldobson

"Osprey Catch " by geopic

"Kingfisher-2 " by saafphotography

"Fat jump " by johnygoerend

"Dropping in for lunch " by katesherry

"Gentoo Penguin in Gerlache " by ingeseverinsen

"Where has the ice gone " by Kris_M

"Fallow Reflection " by karlredshaw

"The dive " by framing-places

"Massive - Solo " by myerscreativephotography

"Whales " by andreaspallanzani

"Tiny Turtle w/shell _9877 " by BBBimagemediastudios

"Orcas in the Mist " by kariwatkins

"Turtle Beak " by MasonLakePhoto

""Here come the Killers!!" " by DANewman

"Grey Whale Tail " by peterallinson

"A little wet? " by (A)chrisreichard

"Dinner Time " by (A)LG_Photo

"The Awakening " by (A)SvnDaffodils

"Reflections " by (A)Spider1987

"Play Fighting " by (A)AlaskaPinesPhotography

"Taking a ride " by (A)wilcoUK

"Hammerhead On " by (A)MattWFrost

"Polar Bear Reflection " by paaluglefisklund

"Happy Mama Bear " by anitarossview

"Who are you? " by mortenross

"Underwater fly " by q-liebin

""When The Stars Align" " by ericbennett

"Starry Ocean Pool " by larrybeard

"Returning to the Sea " by iwangroot

"-2010_03_08_Kenya1_322 " by JohanVoogd

"Hello Sir " by Greatwhitesean

"Lucky catch " by antonagarkov

"Big Brother is watching you " by jevgenijscolokov

"Cub Pointing on the Beach " by JDay

"Mirror " by lszlpotozky

" Lion Affection " by KayBrewer

"_MAF9485 " by mafe

"Resting Ocras B&W_ " by Lpepz

"RW8_3249-2--small " by thetradewindsgallery

"_DSC1308 " by TheoShilton

"If I open my eyes, ... " by thomasretterath

"Humpback " by KanaPhotography

"Weaving From Afar " by Discover_Abruzzo