Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most stunning image in the ViewBug Photography Awards Photo contest.

In celebration of all the types of photography, the ViewBug  team will choose a winner for each category. Each winner will receive massive exposure, recognition, 500 reward points and will become a recommended photographer in the community: Nature, Portrait, City, Wildlife, Fashion and B&W.

"The daguerreotype " by nataliadrepina

"Stormy Clouds in Dana Point" by jimpersons

"Owl in snow " by alexandraion

"???? " by Polina

"The world below the surface " by Sagezeplin123

""Incoming!" " by smkeena

"+" by _0130_6071

"image" by (A)darylljohnvispo

"Impala " by marc-photographie

"Paramount Presents " by joshuaperrett

"IMG_9330 " by marccasis

"The wolf " by (A)Uni_so

"IMG_9969 " by Tladesign

"mosca " by lucianorichino

"banner-contest-plain " by wbanh

"Trabocco Turchino " by maurizioverdecchia

"Stand Up Skyjumper " by luisurquia

"Young Recruit " by (A)MarciaM

"It's all about light! " by adamduraj

"Hipster doll " by annabellebrown

"_DSC4610 " by outside

" " by MorganKrowel

"Under The Northern Lights " by Tor-Ivar

"sundown " by Tomleevisual

"The dancer and the pope " by livioferrari

"R1045586d " by (A)emavitale

"Look into my eyes " by russellpearson

"Dark child " by ClovisDM

"koko " by Chakrit

"DSC08218-2 " by Paterjosh

"Burning flame and melting ice " by mariaitina

"_ " by Shtepa

"Bad Eddies wreck " by tcrabb

"Drama in the sky " by Photovojac

"the feast " by moritzleonard

"Lions in Love " by (A)Jed10

"Sadie " by Paulina_Duczman

"Witch " by nastasya1

"lago antorno orion " by (A)CmoonView

"LEAP! " by jackpoeltl

"Bubble Maker " by Nateesha

"NOIR " by stanislavstehlik

"The Boatman " by dotcomjohnny

"Buddhist monk with his dog... " by nyanamoli

""Merida" " by danielventer

"MEDEVAC DUST OFF " by cjs6765

"Orange " by GaryCummins

"image " by (A)kiahhamilton_2036

"scattered. " by punk_tual

"Wildlife " by volkerhandke

"Lions of Savuti 02a-2 " by tinuslamprecht

"image " by (A)jaysenpatao

"night under the stars " by patrickthun

"Prehistoric Valley" by leonardoguglielmopapra

"Karolina" by tomashtmkmasojc

"winter magic" by sigridbuene

"Dodge City Sunset" by BrendanGully

"In your eyes" by marcruwet

"Lantern" by ottoberkeley

"Owls in love" by lesarnott

"Can you be my friend please" by JSimoes

"Road to the Stars" by Mattia_Bertaina

"Gasadalur" by dslrno

"IMG_20160505_151630" by (A)Jpb182

"Warszawa, Warszawa" by Iwona

"? Into the Light" by rainerbrinkschulte

"Two fox... " by MarketaNovak

"Marchigian's coutryside " by francescorusso

"Jumping out of the water " by gerdaeilts

"Cheetah Couple " by sakevanpelt

"GentleTouch " by SaraHadenfeldt

"Yosemite Valley at night " by tar4heel2

"sometimes " by christiansimon

"curvy Maloja " by florianploeger

"Burning " by jackietrananh

"Kiss " by matejpaluh

"Autumn " by MarcoMouraPhotography

"Sun kissed " by Lindstenfoto

"Baby hedgehog sleeping in my hands " by (A)Nurlan_Tahirli

"Secrets " by BIGDOGPHOTOG

"Quite the pair... " by DanielParent

"Fashionable Pup " by StrikkerImages

"Minor Mynas " by brendanharvey

"In A Row " by rachelmackenzie

"Dance With Me My Love " by christinebazan

"Fox Pup Emerging from its Den " by JustinRussoPhotography

"Edge of Earth " by willchristiansen

"As Time Goes By " by NicolaPirondini

"Wedding Dream II " by MadeNNediM

"Lion heart " by NinaMasic

"Osprey " by (A)iansmith_6452

"Bear Family " by elangwidodo

"Vlada " by irenerudnyk

"Armageddon " by piotrparzybok

"Gili T Sunset " by Aderizal

"The sound of silence #8 " by daniel_anhut

"Lares Waterfall | Italy " by DarioMarelli

"Hide and Seek " by (A)Seenthrumyeyes

"Asian leopard " by spicspics

"Luna " by johannesgaechter

"morraine lake sunrise" by ronsantini

"IMG_6871" by jaromircabla

"We are but a tiny part of this earth...." by sethburkett

"Lady & The Tramp" by Bigredbarnphoto

"Matterhorn" by Daniel_Grebe

"Sunny morning autumn" by Maria411

"Longevity" by (A)klutzydude

"dal profondo dell'anima" by (A)Lottorus

"New chapter" by jovanarikalo

"Romi " by martinkrystynek

"Late Nite Lava " by dodsonmd

"The Strait " by (A)joaorico

"Ecstasy " by owenspereira

"Maternity happiness " by obpiotr

"girl on boat " by (A)sabbysingh_5483

"Tête noir " by herionjeanclaude

"Flying " by maloumarielouisereedorflarsen

"Stone Beauty " by antoniogirlando

"Oxide " by Dolcefoto

"Halo " by Fluxphotogs

"Returning to the Sea " by iwangroot

"One of my most stolen photos on Instagram! If you are on Instagram let's connect (IG: @canahtam) " by canahtam

"Lion " by Fotostyle-Schindler

"*Stargate Cave* " by Mauro_Mendula

"To Nowhere " by LaszloGal

"Polar bear " by TillyMeijer

"Icon Of Shanghai " by jameszhen

"JB5A3050-?? " by VictorPereverzev


"Seal Pup " by LPonTour

"Yawning " by JingruLuo

"Thundering Hooves on the South Dakota Prairie " by tonybruguiere

"nathalie 2 " by nickiastrup

"Monochrome - AB - Bones in the sand - Josh Brown - 514 " by joshbrown_7442

"Character Development " by (A)lzakedis

"SNOWBALL FIGHT " by Cobble-Art

"Cracked " by MKPhotographysa

"FLY " by wolongshan

"arvo light " by bruceellis

"Sexy in living room " by thanetid

" " by (A)IcsuRenata

"smooth gray " by josejfferreira

"Quench " by ingwe911

"Ice World " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"The great escape! " by angad13

"Seelenlandschaft #6 " by levinlee

"Summer Day " by arielcerebelina

"Path to Yasaka " by winmagsino

"Princess Marie " by jevgenijscolokov

"Adrift " by (A)dthurau

"The snake under the Ra Gusela " by outdoorphotodream

"Three black cows " by valeryromanov

"Young Buck " by (A)dpinard

"Autumn mood " by cameliasopon

"Drifting in an old, crooked canoe " by Michael_Higgins

"Magic Iceland " by vandabodoardo

"The Ghost " by aliceloder

"Transylvania evening fog comes over the river " by ferencboloni

"Ice Troopers " by Raagoon

"Barnowl in flight " by (A)Creative_art

"Inle_Lake_Fishing " by xaviergibert

"VERTIGO " by HugoAugusto

"Fairy Tale " by petereudes

"Secret Getaway " by (A)Tammy_Nash