Ashley_Missen works in IT and is a Scuba Diving Instructor on weekends. Ashley_Missen enjoys the art and emotion of underwater photography. Below Ashley shares 5 must know tips.

1. If you are close, get closer.

Always get closer but make sure not to disturb or harass the creature. I always get close to the creatures when I am shooting the photos but make sure not to invade their natural space. For example, the sea dragons are only a couple of inches away from the dome of my camera. Make sure your lens has a good small minimum focus distance

2. Practice lighting with strobes.

Practice on land and in low light conditions first. See how the light from your external strobes will illuminate the subjects in different positions, see how close you have to be to light things correctly.

3. Shoot manual mode.

Shoot a few test photos at the start of the dive so you can get your settings right and make sure you are ready for the rest of the dive. Shoot manual.

4. Use external strobe lights.

Use external strobe lights and learn where to position yourself for different types of photography.

5. Respect the wildlife.

Learn about your dive site and learn about the creatures that live there. Behavioral and natural shots are the best. It is important to learn how to interact with the critters in a safe and calm way. Don’t harass them and you'll find them to be very cooperative, be relaxed and they will come to you.