Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing a bridge's underpass in this photo contest with chances to win a Sony A3000 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Lou Manna for his collaboration as a guest judge. Lou Manna is a recognized expert in the field of food photography having worked for the New York Times, as well as the author of Digital Food Photography. He has spent over thirty years creating images of all things edible.

Congratulations to the following finalists:

"astraduct" by hasmix

"If I can't go to the top of the bridge the next best thing is to camp below!" by cindiroddan

"Decisions Decisions" by petergreig

"Reine-Moon-1" by stianklo

"Under The Bridge #2" by MargitBrack

"Gardiner Expressway" by jameswheeler

"Structure" by KGSPhoto

"N3777A-1" by Douglas_Kelley

"IMG_8080" by cucoriedka

"Pgh bei Nacht-87_HDR" by thomaspreston

"Brisbane bridge nights" by SecaBlue

"Under the Edge" by germanruiz

"DSC_0062-001 (2)" by (A)miguelgrandes

"Little Red Lighthouse" by EduardMoldoveanu

"City Lights" by corymarshall

"Under the Bridge" by rhmimages

"Bridging the gap" by bobbyd-skidmore

"Bridge to the Milky Way panorama edit #2" by Mack_Photography

"Under the Bridge" by teajuice

"Al Garhoud Bridge" by ecmguy

"Under The Bridge" by stevenmarkham

"modern life" by johnphillips

"_MG_2808" by costaatzemis

"London (South Bank) at Night. 0041. 20141130 _" by (A)ChrisBee453

"Connected" by BrassFlute

"City Span" by PDO1962

"Tower Bridge in Pastel" by (A)geminatrix

"st. pauls cathedral" by philbailey

"Granville Bridge, Vancouver, BC" by (A)kevinwest

"Bay Bridge Streaks" by RDVPhotography

"Mother Ship" by scottmccook

"City Grit" by JRosewarne

"overpassDSC_2395-3" by franklinabbott

"Twilight" by LivingLenz

"Bridge over Hartwell" by callmejoejones

"Twin Bridges" by evgenyvasenev

"DSC_3236" by ckautzer

"Under the Basin Bridge" by stevesmith_3371

"Misty roar" by sadetutka

"Bridge" by ioanbalasanu

"Untitled" by (A)oslhjn

"London Bridge" by justinbetts

"Under a bridge" by jimshelton

"Gondolas Under the Bridge" by joelk1983

"Garhoud Bridge" by uyraffy

"Burlington Canal Lift Bridge." by helenn

"Under the Humber bridge - mono" by jseni

"Calgary Peace Bridge Nov. 2014" by (A)huch5150

"bridge" by OurPerspective18

"Walken The Dog PSC" by stevebasham

"Stone Arch Bridge" by lakevermilionphotos

"The Blue Thames" by peppetorre

"Bank Street Bridge" by bminor

"Menai Bridge" by jonnywilliams

"Bridge Art" by PhotoJunkiesAB

"Sydney Harbour Bridge" by JMenggolo

"Bridge" by tonitrommer

"Röttle River Motorway Bridge" by colinharley

"Rusty Bridge" by docbadger1

"Under The Highway" by Garysanchez

"Over and Under the Bridge " by SandroRossiImagery

"Out the Gate" by JourneysInLight

"Bridge By The Bay" by mojito

"traveler" by ashleybrilliant

"Marina Bay Sands, Singapore" by Helen_Mountaniol

"'Under The 45'" by Rwbjj

"Under the bridge" by (A)eperjes

"Bridging The Gap" by AJRingstrom

"09042012-IMG_5648.jpg" by matayosoixantequatorze

"Under the Bridge" by lreynelsg

"Underneath the Millennium Bridge" by KarenCohen