Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing two similar subjects in the Two Of The Same Photo Contest with chances to win a Polaroid Cube Action Camera and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite submissions. Stay tuned for more cool photo contests and the winner announcement coming soon!

"Play Time" by scottwickward

"LR-test-5" by mauritzchristiaanjaneke

"ROMANTIC" by (A)yuliantopongge

"Tin and Ton" by kuritoafsheen

"syncronized" by lessysebastian

"Double King" by Erik_Niko

"Fight-Greenfinch" by riccardobraga

"Nemo Twins" by (A)MatW

"twins cubs" by erezs

"Mother and daughter" by (A)Joncomeau

"Crowned Vics" by FrankSomma

"Ilmur and Ringo" by Soldal

"Sisters at sundown " by (A)PLamoreaux

"enjoying the day" by (A)NadQue

"tiger couple" by (A)robertelwancinega

"Kudu in the Sunset" by ChandraBrooks

"Rusky Mist (1)" by KarlWilliamsPhotography

"Sunset Meadow" by Photoga

"Flicker Dance" by suedoughertyoffleash

"Cloudy evening" by Witmar

"Clown fish" by JohnHPhotography

"GLADIATORS" by Cobble-Art

"Two Novice" by DrewHopper

"a kiss in flight" by nataba16

"Close Encounter of an Owl Kind" by lesarnott

"Two curious snails" by albertoghizzipanizza

"Pulsatilla-montana" by gigigallone

"14" by Natalie11345

"Happy Days Otters" by MarkMcElligott

"Young Barn Owls" by (A)mivysion

"DoubleJumperDelphines" by Orphic

"Lakes Lambs" by (A)petejones_8553

"Doble owls" by Sanclemente365Photography

"I Got Your Back" by dhopperphotog

"a bit windy up here" by imagesbystephendavis

"Close friends..." by DanielParent

"Silent Winter" by (A)valier-brown

"Wingwalkers" by malcolmclarke

"Loving Gannets" by JADUPONT

" Dividing Lines " by carolmaurerlyon

"synchronous skimmers" by B1RD

"twins - 6 week pld fox pups" by ABStudios

"Elephants" by (A)ccotton

"Twins?" by (A)nealmac

"Common Blue" by rh1428

"Bundled Up!" by (A)DianeT

"Duo Tone" by Heiwe

"Ria-10" by antniopereira_9554

"Young American avocets" by (A)mblankenshipphotos

" Twin trees at sunset" by dhannikonart_landscaper

"giraffes in love" by DENOTSOS

"Protection" by lmr337

" 2 Eagles" by LAGE

"Oriental white eye bird welcoming the other to the perch" by (A)girishananthamurthy

"Camargue white horses silhouette" by jg74

"Aruba" by (A)Leon213

"Talks about stars" by Bolucevschi

"Seeds" by justinsmith

"Bullish" by antoniozarli

"Love birds" by ChrisG

"I will never forget" by JudiLiosatos

"wake up!" by (A)Karlin24

"The Fight" by patrick9x9

"YOU'RE ALL I NEED" by (A)Scott_Black

"DSC_0755 (3)" by (A)lulupac

"Sandhill Cranes" by GLDPix

"AYP5442" by andrewyates

"Playful Cheetahs - Masai Mara" by KellieNetherwood

"Flying in water" by (A)ErikB

"arabian boys" by agnieszkagulczynska

"just the two of us" by tranini

"Cardinal Fight" by grassy

"A couple of rhinoceros" by AurianK

"Who told you to come out?" by xaltair

"Hauhechel-Bläulinge in Marais d'Harchies/ Bernissart" by PF-pics

"BALD EAGLES" by JanHrischenko

"Twins" by LucBaekelandt

"Grey Wolves_DSC6171" by michelbissonnette

"Griffon Vulture" by oksanavashchuk

"True Love" by (A)kathaggiss

"Smile" by (A)yusriharisandi

"Tern to me!" by (A)garyward_9802

"Untitled-1" by delhunter

"A pair of Grey crowned cranes" by SuzanneRowcliffe

"Owl Antics" by meganlorenz

"Wild Horses" by tk_photographies

"See Ya Later Baby" by deborahberry

"College Kits" by ChaChaCharlie

"Two clear wing butterflys" by NZEXPOSED_Photography

"141115" by (A)touxcabin

" "Still Together" IMG_2464web" by rovingjen

"Cute frog keeps his mate dry from the rain using a leaf!" by kutubuddin

"Glass " by traceydobbs

"The Art of the Pounce - Red Fox Kits" by Pnwnative

"untitled" by LoveDragon

"Can't believe you got my tail! " by zquentin

"Sisters" by christianjohnoreilly

"Imaginary Friends " by pattyschmitt

"kingcouple" by PaulinaAramburo

"dua pengintai" by vianz

"Oranges At Sunset" by timecapturer

"Velvet bucks" by DawnKey

"waterbucks" by kasper

"Farnborough 2012 (original) 256-2" by nicklipton

"2gether" by rolandbach

"Mother and son" by DaveHare

"~ Ladder of Success ~" by Henrik_Spranz

"Freddy and Mouse" by sammipretznow