For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best photos showing silhouettes of trees with chances at a Holga 120 medium format camera and more. Congratulations to the following finalists.

"Tree Silhouette Sunset " by Benninojets

"Foggy swamp morning " by jnispaulis

"Misty Morning " by DanaCarruthers

"Naples, FL" by Ryssaval

"The field south of Mali II " by AndreJaingam

"Sunset Halo " by Tricia1512

" " by Obrennan53

"Industrial Sunset " by Manifoldlm

"Sunset " by kallyan

"Sunset Tree at Dead Horse canyon Utah " by amuschik

"The Waters Edge " by petertang

"sunset fire " by c3p1

"Beech Trees at Sunset " by andynewman_3473

"African Herd " by JohanEngelbrecht86

"Acacia " by coracias

"inbound1249087221608972970 " by arekmavericknogala

"Heavenly glow " by gillfry

"sun rising through fog " by Philbk

"Christmas (Eve) Tree " by davidrelph

"My front yard " by ConnieEtter

"winter evening " by zenit

"Sunset at Londolozi " by mytmoss

"A Sunburnt Country " by justineking

""Tangerine Sunrise" " by Iconoscope

"Dawn light " by RonTear

"!!!!!!!A Little Ray Of Sunshine!!!!!!!! " by MrSPhotographyAustralia

"Amboseli Evening " by heathermcfw

"Man in the light " by akzs456

""Curve" " by Aderizal

"Frosty morning " by jansieminski

"Air " by nunocandido

"Reflaction " by HoaiVan

" " by teodorasarbinska

"Cyrstal Clear Sunset " by leslieharris_6512

"Trees " by Balders

"Bark Park Sunrise " by amazedbyyou

"Sunrise Reflections " by Derek_Winters

"Winter sunset " by TassosP

"sunset " by impmagination

"On the trail of the lonesome...sycamore? " by paulisles

"Vineyard in the clouds with solitary tree " by leetomkow

"In the shades " by angelassantos

"Last Night Sunset " by robmin

"Lonely Tree with Sunrise Sunburst " by macropixel

"Shining through " by NiCoBoCo

"????? " by (A)_6875

"The Wanaka Tree " by (A)marenreents

"Tree silhouette " by (A)RonClark

" " by (A)Waldo_837

"lonely tree Nov " by (A)derrenjones

"last light " by (A)iamuninc