Fashion magazines are taking over and on billboards all over the world we can see models posing with the latest clothes and fashion. To become a great fashion photographer however, you need to have many things in mind. We asked community member luigiscuderi to share his top tips. Here’s Luigi’s Top 6 Fashion Tips.

The game by luigiscuderi

2. Let Your Imagination Fly

Be certain you have an idea to develop, not just a collection of nice images. Think about a way to differentiate yourself, to tell something new; original. Think in advance what you’re going to record in your images; Imagine. Think of each frame you’re going to take and think as each frame is the only one. Ask yourself: What does the image tell? What do I want the viewer to feel?

The game by luigiscuderi

4. Sharing Is Caring - And Key To Success

Share with your team the ideas you have in mind, the kind of images you’re going to take, the mood you’re expecting to express. The more they know the more they can help you get the result. I have taken the habit to prepare a mood sheet, with some images that can be of inspiration for everyone. Sometimes this document is prepared together with a stylist, if present.

5. Check Lists

The day before the shooting check every single component of your equipment, provide that you have plenty of fully charged batteries, for flashguns, triggers, cameras, etc. Collect all the things you are going to use and those you might find helpful in the photo session. If you forget to do this you might vanish months of planning!

Double dream by luigiscuderi