Are you just starting out on your photography journey? Or maybe you’ve been shooting for a while, but you’re feeling a bit stuck in your creativity? Use our courses to take your photography to the next level. You’ll be shooting like a pro in no time and will want to share your photos online with our community right away. In this post, we showcase our best beginner courses that will bring some life to your photography.

Camera Basics

Where is the best place to start with your photography? The basics, of course. There’s no point in having a nice camera and taking up a photography hobby if you don’t know how to use your camera. Sure, there is always the automatic setting on every SLR, but those settings aren’t going to give you the perfect shot every time. In our Camera Basics course, you’ll learn all about how to change your aperture, ISO settings, and shutter speed. Knowing about these three foundations will make a big difference to the photos you take, whether you’re looking to take a stunning portrait, a rapid action shot or the best nature photography.

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How Digital Cameras Record Color

To understand how a color photograph looks to the eye, you first have to understand how the digital camera sees color. Our How Digital Cameras Record Color course will help you do just that. Kevin Ames shows you how colors interact, what bit depth is all about, and how file size affects color. You’ll also learn about color correcting on the computer to create the best final product possible. This is a great course for beginners to learn everything there is to know about color.

Story, Subject and Locations

Already got the basics covered? The next step is to dive into the different types of photography. Do you love shooting people or portraits? Or do you like landscape and travel photography? If you don’t quite know what subject you are interested in, we have courses on various styles of photography that might be exciting for you to try. Every photo should tell a story. In our Story, Subject and Locations course, you’ll learn from Joe McNally how to set up a portrait shot in different settings.

Travel Photography: Exploring Costa Rica

Do you have a wanderlust for travel or an itch to learn all about travel photography? In our Travel Photography: Exploring Costa Rica course, you’ll learn how to shoot in a diverse landscape such as Costa Rica. Even if you don’t plan to go to Central America, what you’ll learn in this course can be applied to destinations all over the world. First, Richard Harrington shows you how to get ready for your travels and what kind of gear to take. He then discusses different types of geography, where you’ll learn how to shoot subjects from animals to breathtaking landscapes and exciting action shots. This is one of our most in-depth courses, and you’ll want to absorb all the great information to make sure you’re able to take the best nature photography.

Flash Course: Lifestyle Photoshoot

Maybe portraits and travel photography aren’t your thing, and you want the thrill of shooting lifestyle on the streets. We have you covered there, too. Shooting lifestyle is a whole other ball game and, as a photographer, you must capture the intensity in one frame. In Flash Course: Lifestyle Photoshoot, you’ll learn what gear to use, how to light your subjects, and the stylistic techniques you can use to shoot the best photo for social media or your website. You’ll learn from Henry Nathan, who has worked with top travel brands, hotels and lifestyle brands.

Now you know our best tutorials for beginner photographers, it’s time to get out there and start taking pictures! Join our community at Viewbug and share your photos online — if you enter it into a photo contest, you could win some great prizes!