Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best lifestyle photos in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Brad Pearson for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Brad is a professional lifestyle and outdoor photographer based In Salt Lake.

"Hipster girl sitting on wooden pier in the rays of the setting sun. A vacation in Thailand. Hands with tattoos. " by cinematheart

"Josh the traveler " by judisingerneumeyer

"balance " by mariannedixey

"A Night Under The Stars " by adrianabrahams

"Waterfall view on the Edge Faröer " by kenopictures

"Olga " by babitogarez

"Natures Overlook " by ThomasFerrari

"Alone with her thoughts... " by JulieAnnNewell

"A Ludo Latrunculorum " by andersnielsen

"Sun " by Pavel_Ryzhenkov

"Follow Me to the Sun " by pedroquintela

"Arizona Sunrise " by larrymarshall

"On top of the Alps. " by Jtrojer

"Vera " by (A)Elena_Andreeva

"M. " by MariaSchaeferPhotography

"Paint what you see " by sarahwolfe_1013

"My Grandmother's Blanket " by HuckleberryPhoto

"Sleepy Little Cowboy " by akurod

"The Blue Room " by larrybeard

"Built Like a gun... " by adamjmckay

"little Petra " by janezkocbek

"Not your regular crevasse " by jamesrushforth

"The fisherman of Inle lake " by Marco_Tagliarino

"She doesn’t know she’s beautiful " by laurazickmauzy

"Seelenlandschaft #6 " by levinlee

"Sunset Meditation " by kelliklymenko

"Laura_D-4 " by Nyktos_Ph

"Mumma Mack. " by Mike_MacKinven

"Behind the light " by markmorones

"Shaving " by jensfischer

"Christian on Guitar " by Mysterymantis

"Golden Girl " by Harbi

"Calmness " by Promakeupbynatasha

"Follow me " by SamGorski

"Just Like You Dad | American Classics Series " by lovella

"Playing with Ballons 1 " by MR_fotoworx

"IMG_2672 " by artyomtalmaza

"Flower Child " by Arastan

"The pianist " by FrancoisSerent

" " by brianramos

"Old Man and the Sea " by AmyThorp

"Lexi " by HathsinPhotography

""RastaMan" " by lukester

"Alone in the light " by JCSimoes

"Camomilla " by gianphotography

"Snacks on the Sill " by kapuschinsky

"Hidden " by VascoDeGarba

" " by Phineas_Totten

"_MG_4873b " by rcscharf

"Lonley " by atanasdonev

"figure it out " by PoloD

"Broken " by bendikstalheim

"Burn bridges, make yourself an island " by aychmb

"Intimacy " by marcotacca

"When you cease to dream, you cease to live. " by ryandaw

"Hypnotized " by AlejandroFerrand

"The Man who makes wall happy " by marcocortezcortese

"Selfie " by JEKAMOBILE

"Fire Show " by Carol_M

"The photographer " by Asun

"Terminus a quo " by bilans

"Memoried " by AaronShaver

"A Field Of Flowers " by jesdomacasse

"Being You: Samantha " by marcusdorsey

"Kayakers at Silver Falls " by AMills

"Classical Monument Valley " by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto

"process of learning " by laurynasnusipirkobandele

"Duke Tattooing Frank " by brandonleedittsworth

"Little masterpiece " by piotrciechomski

"coffee-shop cuties " by rolandajaynemariewiebe

"Cuppa on a cold day " by outlitephotography

"Cotton Candy Queen " by KeenanDK

"retro Biker " by Mougaard

"Dance in the desert " by danirodriguez

"view to banff downtown " by thomasmeierphotography

"love of song " by phillipfrench

"Paper " by inagat

"On the Road to North " by timoksanen

"Beautiful coffee " by WynandNel

"Little Big Sister " by Michaelvincentphotos

"Defiance - United Kingdom, Wales " by acseven

" " by dellaina

"Rice goddes " by brodie

"No Place Like Home " by erikmcritchie

"Shy " by sharonmitchell

"Family " by andrewboykov

"1 " by mihailmukanov

"master at work " by RobertBlanchard

"Marise Paarl Rock_39A3783 " by GideonMalherbe

"Chef " by MKPhotographysa

"Måtinded " by Finnghal

"Cormorant fisherman casting net " by dfrancis2

"Train Rides in Thailand " by lukegram

"Transitions " by tobiasglawe

"Autumn Times " by markhinds

"Caveman " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Make a wish " by rachel

"The thoughtful old man " by zzz1

"Passo Giau under the Milky Way " by MaurizioCasulaPhoto

"Explorin " by Ivan_Bertusi

"amelie's cake " by jpcreative88

"Watching the Northern Lights on Iceland " by linakayser

"Rithm of the Earth " by JeSuisVal

"Lazos 1 " by giannisjohnidiskritikos

"Skys the limit " by mts198

"Lofoten Truth or Dare " by NatashaHaggard

"Walking with giants. " by alexcampanella

" mirror " by slavasamoikenko

"Sunny Dance " by endegor

"complete surrender " by elecfoto

"Alone at Horseshoe Bend " by Daniel_A_Angulo

"Main Beach " by Boholm

"Giada " by Paolotac

"Roadtripping South Europe " by ArtistaVivente

"All-Nighter " by lanatolle

"Zion National Park Overlook " by (A)ks_pics

"Milky Way Torch Bearer " by GigiJim08

"Alone with the stars " by Juliocastropardo

"S " by maxsolve

"Antarctica reading " by henryksadura

"Feel the Spray " by NiCoBoCo

"Shirakawa-Go breather " by (A)ClassicBoy13

"Instagram: @albakerphoto (model: @iamkindred) " by albaker

"Euphoria " by KylaRys

"Beauty " by (A)OlafuringiOlafsson

"Golden Redwoods " by TheSeeker

"Fanad Head " by bitterer

"Me and The Cap " by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"Give me the power " by Blionbg

"housewife " by da-miane

"New Day in Bagan " by kutsey

"Vintage Fashion Shoot " by haydensteele

" " by jacksonmann_3918

"The Edge of Forever " by furious_skies

"My veiw " by (A)dreamerjl83

"Jos and the beebs " by (A)lorigoyetche

"Where Time Stands Still... " by RobertoPazziPhotography

"Morning silence... " by kbrowko

"Skater Dude " by rlinn3

"The devil's dog " by cityfruit

"The girl on the pier " by Alena_lvin

"Delight " by swqaz

"Holding on tight " by CelestineAerden

"Dodging gems " by dnphoto

"between heaven and earth " by danrusu

"That time of Year " by ivannicolau