Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best portraits of men in the Face Of A Man Photo Contest with chances to win a MeFOTO Tripod and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Luca Foscili for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Luca Foscili, class 1989, is a self-taught portrait photographer who hails from the beautiful city of Parma in Italy, where he still currently resides. He began his journey into photography in January 2013, shooting mainly landscapes and macro photography, not long after finding a love for portrait photography, during the summer '14, thus starting his quick progression and passion in this genre. Using mainly a Nikon D800/Nikon 85mm f/1.4G lens for his specific style of photography, he is a keen user of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in the processing and editing of images, avidly seeking the highest quality of images possible.

"Cigarette" by FloS

"" by morganmarinoni

"portrait" by ShaneStLouisPhotography

"Ollie Flemmer" by piotrfoxwysocki

"Thoughtful" by bendikstalheim

"Olde World Barber" by GoodmanPhotog

"Englishman" by przemyslawchola

"image" by scottphillipson

"retro Biker" by Mougaard

"Goodwood 2" by (A)Jamescalvert

"Dad of the Year" by ktq101

"me" by steppenwolf

"Soothing beard" by akapov

"the look" by (A)BarryMiles

"Arkansas Dave " by Jaxology

"DZ2826amaroFS " by corystierley

"The Christmas Profile Pic " by akirbs

"Kenny " by talynsherer

"Andre Headshot " by jrigbyphotography

"The Merry Rastafarian" by ElenaParaskeva

"REX II" by marekbiegalski

"Dr. Van" by Cobass0

"military" by genevievelapointe

"Weathered Cowboy" by redwriter

"Self-portrait" by oliversutton

"Winter is coming" by Ethos

"Mursi Tribesman" by (A)Georgikate

"Steve" by TimAtkinsonNY

"Jengis" by SVDW_Photo

"The Stepfather" by mkdavis1

"The Power" by joeehlen

"Portrait - old man" by ioanciobotaru

"Alex" by juliadurova

"The Chef" by GeraintRadford

"The Storm Chaser" by DerekKind

"Life Lines" by RussElkins

"copper_punch" by jameshartphotogrpahy

"Grandfather" by clfowler

"self III " by PaulHenryStudios

"Renaissance Man" by KelThompson

"Rough one" by cathos1244

"Khoma" by anders_samuelsson

"Young poet" by anastassiavolkova

"frame by frame" by kalfraphotography

"Maxcimillian" by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith

"Beard and Tattoos" by fournierphotographe

"Sadhu " by vladimirchuyko

"Portrait of Marc... " by peschman

"Dark Happy Portrait" by Julieweiss

"Aviator" by TommyHo

"the guitar" by oliviacabral

"Crab-Portraits18" by ethanrighter

"Jordan in the hotub" by jimwww

"Tio" by LauraAnnGP

"Serge" by olgakuznyetsova

"Self Portrait" by JDesjardins

"Contemplation" by (A)justinfoo

"The Temple Priest" by Hamster7

"Yogi in Nepal" by millerb3

"old man II" by (A)ygtctn

"Idelfonso portrait" by Giimages

"You shoot me I'll shoot you. Fast on triger, wild west style" by photos287

"_TVU4791 2" by thienvuart

"The Boxing Coach" by Skorphoto

"Beard Stroked (1 of 1)" by (A)karenmorrislanz

"Contrasts" by HugoAugusto

"Old man with blue eyes" by coucou19

"Beard Guy" by pedropulido

"Take Five" by saraascalon

"Cain" by rlinn3

"Sikh" by giovannivolpe

"Krystian Cellist" by TimKou

"Black Flag " by joebirosak

"Daru " by GarayGreen

"Me again " by jmphotography2323

"Malik2 " by RHDeziner

"Portrait " by beamphoto

"who's afraid of the boogeyman " by spARTiat_de

"what else? " by oZimages

"Kofi " by AndChisPhoto

"NFF 2016 Parade " by daynaransley

"want a drink? " by godriguez

"Dennis " by JackHoier

"Elementary my dear Siri " by SimpLeePhotographyUK

"Portrait of an old man, Yunnan " by Patosan

"Gabe " by rexjones

"masai warrior " by heathermcfw

"John K " by rejeanbrandt

"Marcus " by Marcogressler

"The other side of me " by (A)thextrathird

"Whitebeard " by davidjlong

"Traveler " by whiteshipdesign

"DSC03620 " by tomtyson

"Man in black " by siegart

"Stare " by (A)twonefernandez

"Trainee God " by ClovisDM

"Photo of a Photographer " by zeeshawn

"*** " by traceydobbs

"Me, My Camera, And Myself " by Jean-Massry

"you saved my life " by (A)embas

"BeardBeachNG " by DuffyDoherty

"Paul Patin " by thierryvouillamoz

"Deception " by cindysnaps

"_RAW7084_contrast blast " by kimberlypekula

"Portrait " by ChristopherLH

" " by BKoesel

"Natural Light Portrait " by sdondero

"Bolivian man " by Rostovskiy

"Jesse " by warrenstowell

"Soldier " by Gdhiman

"Oldtimes cigarette " by sebastiao_chaves

"Selfie Serious Look " by pacovanleeuwen

"Pilot " by (A)jonpearson

"Milan " by rebekavodrazkova

"In the eyes of a Highlander. " by greghillman