Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, we encourage you to create a photography portfolio website that showcases your photography and aesthetic style. Your website photography portfolio is crucial to showcase your work and to expand your reach.  To get you inspired, we've put together a shortlist of beautiful, functional ViewBug websites. If you’ve recently joined ViewBug, perhaps these examples will spark your imagination and will inspire you to publish your own portfolio site.

You probably got into shooting wildlife, nature, weddings, or portraits because you loved the photography part, and not because you really wanted to be a famous photographer. That being said, you can take a handful of steps and make the right choices, and grow your photography, increase your exposure, and grow your reach. And it all starts with building your own photography portfolio website.

ViewBug's online portfolio builder offers a powerful and easy platform to select from a wide variety of layouts and use our drag-and-drop collection builder to enable you to manage your complete online presence and personalize your online portfolio.

Here is our selection of some of our favorite online website portfolios:

Commercial Photography Portfolio.

San Francisco Bay Area photographer Laura Tillinghast began taking photos in the ’90s and never stopped. Primarily shooting commercial work, she specializes in lifestyle and product photography but loves any excuse to work with people. Laura's clients include Fabletics, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Zumba Inc, Seagate, Varian Medical, Columbia Records, Innersense Organic Beauty, Asterias Beaute, Omiana Cosmetics, Budding Beaute, Trulia, Cinder, Lang Antiques & Estate Jewelry, Showaflops, Double Rainbow Ice Cream, Hey Fusion Supplements, Taali Foods, Trimino Beverages, Drink Zyn, Great Spirits Baking Company, De La Rosa Foods, The Maca Team, Me Moringa Tea, Errbshop, Give Me Tap, Free to Live Apparel, Heema Luxury and many more.

Why we love it: Laura used a layout that is clean and image centered. She did a great job creating a simple and bright canvas that shows off her photos in separate albums. The homepage shows everything you need: a simple layout, clear navigation to the albums, an easy way to learn more about her. Having a website allows Laura's audience to know her better, both in a personal and in a professional way. Check out Laura's commercial photography portfolio website.

Travel Photography Portfolio

James Rushforth is an experienced and professional climber, mountaineer, skier, and high-liner. An acclaimed photographer and three times published author who has worked with prestigious publishing houses, Rockfax, Cicerone Press, and FotoVue. James has won 12 international photography competitions, the latest of which at the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards; published work for numerous magazines and papers including National Geographic, The Times, and The Daily Telegraph; written tutorial and blog posts for a number of popular media platforms such as Viewbug and 500px and appeared as a judge in several global competitions.

Why we love it: Inside the portfolio website, James showcases his best work individually on each category and offers the option to see the full extension of each adventure using individual collections. In addition to James’s work being breathtaking in and of itself, we love the way he used ViewBug websites to display the different types of images that we love to capture. He used simple navigation focusing on his favorite image as a main element of the homepage and then selected his favorite shots for each gallery to be displayed as a central part of the navigation. Check out Jame's travel photography website portfolio.

Water Photography Portfolio.

"Through passion and dedication, my goal with Thurston Photo is to capture the things I see in such a unique and fashionable way that through my imagery people are inspired to see life from a new perspective. I really do enjoy what I do and I think that makes a big difference. I happily spend up to 8 hours straight in the water on any occasion in the hope of capturing the nature of the ocean in a new and exciting way. I began taking photos in the summer of 2005 and have been captivated by the art ever since. I want to make a difference in the world with what I do and I want to be able to share what I see." - Philip Thurston

Why we love it: Thurston's website is simple yet inspiring from the very first moment you look at it.  We love the way he selected the galleries to show a pallet of colors that are appealing to the eye. He has used a minimal theme to emphasize the interplay of color,  light, and power in his images. Check out Philip's water photography portfolio.

Fashion And Studio Photography Portfolio.

Jack Hoier is an award-winning fashion and studio photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark who knows how to capture the beauty of his models in a very artistic and unique way. His images are clean and engaging. If you want to make sure no one ever forgets your website, follow Jack’s steps. From the use of a clean and strong logo to the use of multiple collections, Jack’s photography portfolio is one of a kind.

Why we love it: Jack's images deserve all the attention of the viewer, that’s why we love this super simple portfolio site, an elegant stream of models in a beautifully simple and clean layout. We love how Jack displays his work in galleries. This allows him to display the best previews of each category on his homepage while giving visitors the option to easily view more photos as they navigate. Check out Jack's fashion and studio portfolio website.

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