Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best macro photography in this photo contest with chances to win a Spinlight 360 Extreme and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Daniel Tran for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "My name is Daniel Tran and I am an Australian based travel, landscape, and commercial photographer. I grew up in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour and was surrounded by beautiful landscapes along the east coast of Australia, which is where I developed a passion for adventure and photographing nature."

"Green pattern " by zmachacek

"818A6970 " by jonben63

"Grevillea 'Coconut Ice' " by grahamgall

"Super Macro Fanworm - Feather effect " by Ashley_Missen

"close-up petals unopened " by beelady05

"Deep Blue " by Basciano_Photography

"gills crop 1 " by R_A_Jackson

"Radial " by jmallo

"Fluff. " by davidscottrobson

"Multiple Dew Drops " by kenfowkes

"IMG_0456 " by beturner

"Kaleidoscope of seeds " by lpatacic

"Spider " by aleoko

"Languishing in Silence " by clementinacabral

"Teardrop " by Dantes_View

"star fish close-up " by jgnu

"Tree In The Leaf " by chiphendershot

"Butterfly Portait " by Andreas_Voigt

"Allium 2 " by Judy_zehentner

"989803AB-06D2-4618-A455-92A2FD3B302B " by Happyasicanbe

"Drops of water " by livioferrari

"Pearls " by Naturlicht

"King of the Feeder " by Pamelabole

"Frost Patterns " by clfowler

"Faded glory - Purple Anemone " by Tetsujin

"The next generation " by Macro_art

"African Milk Barrel " by MWPhotography2

"Breakfast of Champions " by peterburu

"Eyes closed... " by Vidrik

"Macaroon Heaven " by DarkEyes

"Late Bloomer " by GayleLucci

"Summer Home " by tressiedavis

"Pollination " by MichelleLaveryPhotography

"Chameleon Eye " by jeromeenglish

"You See Me in 2 I see You in 22,000 " by Jean-Massry

"kiwi burst " by amylaportgant

"frosty " by vladcech

"Tooth Picks " by PONGO_57

"Colorful Twistables " by joybello

"Dew Drops " by mrjcall

"0188, Antalya, Turkey " by travel4ever

"IMG_9817 " by florinhorhat

"A little different view " by AutumnWind

"Sunflower " by jlvia33

"Highland " by Rejean_Biron

"Morning Dew " by HappyTree

"Alien Vortex " by martinrosenkranz

"Layers " by KimAnkerstedt

" " by wgpennington

"Pattern " by rickyenofsky

"Galaxy H2O " by allanbarnett

" " by StephenLittlePhotography

"a_ROD7453 " by rdorich

"Star Flight " by carolmaurerlyon

"DSC_7969 " by Batesphoto

"Hearts Harmony " by justineg

"Wollensak's Eye " by ARReeve

"Forest shells " by jamiemackrill

"Blue Rays " by Structor

"Christmas Star-fish " by Athena_B

" " by tesler

" " by Perso

"Mi coco. " by Jmmontalban

"A different Close-up " by petervandervaart

"For you " by GypsyFlores

"Methane Bubbles " by HRLM23

"Butterfly " by tanjinnie

"Bokeh line " by danielwarman

"Sand Dollar " by Katnott

" " by PJH

"Moss abstract " by ruimilita

"Shades of Green " by JayneBug

"Spiraling " by ClaudiaKuhn

"fly " by Elchin_Jabbarov

"The World Inside My Lens " by LoneStarGalaxyPhoto

"Post " by sallyG11

"Lodowy sezon " by LukaszLisiecki

"Raspberry. " by daliaa

"Fender " by seenthroughmylens

"A New Friend In My Garden " by wenchejostad

"Spiral " by ajcophotography

"Frenzied Fibres " by VegaPolaris