They are vivid, fun, creative, and glossy! They are fresh and flawless fashion portraits created by internationally acknowledged fashion photographer Dasha Matrosova (Dasha). In the creation of a creative and head-turning fun fashion photo, it is important to try new things. Here are Dasha’s Top 5 Fashion Portrait Photography Tips!

Without A Great Team, You’re Nothing

It’s impossible to have a great photoshoot without a great team. You need a stylist, hairdresser, a model… the list can get very long. I do most of the work myself so I only need some key people around me. One of the persons I cannot work without it a makeup artist! I discuss my ideas with him and how we could realize the idea. We discuss the look of the model and the color scheme beforehand. A great idea is to search on the Internet for similar ideas or inspirations that you can show your team how you want the photoshoot to be.

Pick The Model For The Shoot

I choose different models for different types and moods of photoshoots. Everything depends on the image I want to create – I first pick the vision and inspiration and then the model. The more experienced the model is, the better. You can find good models at your local model agencies. Also, models often cooperate with photographers because the models need new photos for their portfolio and the photographer needs new cool images. So start networking!

Find Inspiration

With fashion photography, you can realize some of the most amazing ideas. Where you search for inspiration for your ideas can differ, Some photographers watch movies and visit exhibitions, others listen to music and draw. My advice is to not be afraid about where you get the inspiration and if you have a crazy idea that’s out of your comfort zone then you should definitely try it! Try something new and don’t think about the result so much!

Planning Is Key

It is important to plan ahead and pick out a place and day for the photoshoot beforehand. Always plan ahead with your team and choose the required accessories. Think over all the details (up to the nail polish) - it’s an essential part of a successful photo. And be always sure that you have an empty flashcard, your gear, a charged battery and your lens ready!

Post-Processing Is Super Important In This Industry

I strongly recommend shooting in RAW. My advice is to think about how you would like, or how you need to post-process the photo. Does it need cropping? What color should the image be? Retouching is an important part of the fashion photography industry since you are going to sell your art to hopefully big magazines that want flawless shots. It’s therefore very important to learn post-processing techniques.

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