Celebrating the Fall, from landscapes, waterscapes and nature photography to city, food, and people shots; thank you to the participants that shared their favorite Fall photos in this photo contest with chances to win a GoPro HERO Camera 7 and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Autumn portrait " by KristinaDub

"Hope " by greetthijs

"yippieeee " by MikeMartosh

"One with the seasons " by camroho

"Santa Maddalena... " by kbrowko

" " by alincota

" " by Sarawise2194

" HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE " by paulapellicerfotografia

"Red Forest XV. " by ZsoltZsigmond

"Autumn trail " by daruvarskiportfolio

"Enchanted forest " by donnealon

"Sidecut " by glmeyers

"Leaf Peeping " by DaveCurtin

"autumn_reach_web " by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"Fern " by JoskoSimic

"Fenja " by sollenaphotography

"Somewhere in Austria " by mirkomarkovic

"Red " by Darrell_Evans

"Early Light " by garyalankophotography

"autumn in the estate Dubrovitsy " by alexey_gorshenin

"First " by Oleg_Grachev

"Between gigantd " by albaem

"Euphoria " by KylaRys

"leaves " by millrat73

" P O R T R A I T - " by spARTiat_de

"Fog in the Fall " by christymurry

"Morning Triumph " by DWongPhotos

"Autumn Lane (Nevada 2007) " by David_Blakley_Photography

"Lonely logs in the orange autumn woods " by TomasHudolin

"The Morning Breaks " by menxcuizon

"Frosty leaf " by kirpihanim

"Girl in wheat " by oliiic

"PSX_20181119_131027 " by ruckbenclash

"IMG_7048 " by lauradark

"Life is a Journey " by HugoAugusto

"Ridges " by jimgarrison

"Frosty Fall Colours " by AndreLJBrandt

"Leaves " by maaikeschauer

"Fall " by klang

"Autumn... " by MarketaNovak

"Portrait of a Self-Portrait " by Jackie_Kancir

"Time Flies " by kylere

"Aspen To The Sky " by KRL_Photo

"Vortex " by anastassiavolkova

"Mariana " by ilyayakover

"The Golden Forest " by NicolaPirondini

"_Q3A0333New friends " by mariadelvallepresser

"Golden Queen " by Badjulha

"Fall Leaf " by Hippie22

"Zelenci " by alex_lauterbach

"Autumn Times " by markhinds

"Relaxed " by LCorby

"autumn book " by Roberto_Sorin

"Autumn Leaves " by xeniaololo

"Throwing Leaves " by adavies

"Autumn is here! " by CynthiaFotografie

"Natalia and the fall " by AntonioPedroniPhoto

"Beauty in coat " by Sebokvasnak

"â??If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never " by rebecca812

"Fall " by AnnieWhitehead

"Autumn muse " by Bogdan_Iacob

"Contrast " by michellewermuth

"Autunno " by SalvatiPhotography

"Monica " by sawyn

"Waterfall World " by billpeppas

"Fall Leaf - Arrowhead Park " by A_Shukla

"Twilight Walk in the Aspen " by billsisson

"Autumn Leaves " by (A)MjBain

"See you summer... " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher

"Dream House " by (A)mark_callander

" " by (A)unairtens

" " by (A)mea115546