Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing silhouettes in this contest in collaboration with friend and professional photographer David Beckstead and Spider Holster. The Spider Holster Single Camera System contains everything that you need to carry one camera.

David was named “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine - March 2007 David is truly a mountain man at heart! He has traveled to over 80 countries and almost every state in the US. He has hiked thousands of miles of backcountry, including above the base camp of Mt. Everest. He was one of the first registered trackers for Arizona Search and Rescue.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "lightbulbs" by craiggum

"I love how creative Craig was putting this together. It obviously took time and thought to work on the details and concept. I find making a silhouette is easy but making a dynamic and different silhouette is quite hard. With silhouettes you must separate body parts to allow light to distinguish the body lines. Craig created separation that added interest from one leg to the other and the light bulbs was a great and interesting addition. Black and white was a good choice to enhance mood. When looking at an image I want to be challenged to view it longer and enjoy the creative process. Craig made me go Wow!" - David Beckstead

Congratulations Runner Up "Horses in Love" by Celtic

"I personally have seen horses in this position and know the title is right. This is the equivalent of an extended kiss and hug for horses. I love it! The silhouette added a new dimension to this scene. Now the horses become one and create a totally new shape and story. Perfect use of symmetry in composition. The empty sky and colors add to the simplicity of the concept. This image caught my eye for being different and unique." - David Beckstead

Congratulations Runner Up "Shoreline guardian" by chrisbenham

"I have been to desolate locations like this and remember the endless horizons and feeling it gave me. I have been this person looking forward, dreaming of a new life or new destination. It can be interpreted both with an uplifting storyline or with the stark black and white, a melancholy feel. The silhouette of the person could be any of us or none of us. Endless stories could be attributed to this composition. I like that." - David Beckstead

Congratulations People's Choice "Dance" by vedranadomazet

"Fishing on the sun" by walterfrancescolupo

"Fishing in Evening Light" by gldosa

"Off in the fog" by masonbphoto

"Silhouette " by natalieleck

"Inle Lake" by trevormills

"IMG_8143_fhdr" by joelcalheiros

"Deer silo" by JosephClark

"$" by StefanKutsarov

"Beach Volleyball at sunset!" by hasanmahmudtipu

"Love at Sunset" by isabel_echevarria

"Longing" by Michael_Quinn

"sunsetjack" by celiagaboury

"two women" by BonnieJM

"RCP-1-3" by richardchance

"Sunset Dandelion" by RichardBarnwell

"DSC_0093ab" by acceber_rose

"In the tunnel" by Child_Expressions

"Silhouette" by DPMPhotography

"The Cathedral" by charlesbrooks

"Home" by Mharding

"untitled" by jdetrick

"Blaze" by JeffreyA

"Training Burn" by murpjo

"DSC_0082" by penamc

"untitled" by kellylynneburke

"Power & The Powerful" by sachinus2010

"When the Nightbird Sings" by denizen1

"The Wanderer" by eblackshaw

"Into The Blue" by darkovurui

"Lyn and Etta" by MichaelBagleyPhotography

"The Kiss" by Quantummist

"Swimming In Mist" by gpower

"090526-1029 Romeria del Rocio" by willemkuijpers

"I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow" by jameswheeler

"untitled" by LawrenceBurns

"Family Portrait" by christophercupp

"Low key (1)" by lorenzsprotofski-kuipers

"Rise and Shine" by kiocolano

"_MG_0365" by TatanZuleta

"The Longing" by alysonbrimecombe

"Sing It Loud" by VickiLynn192417

"Dancing in the Sky" by kevinsawyerphotography

"Waiting to Board" by JohnFilmalter

"Lonely fishermen" by tadejturk

"Room with a View" by idlehands

"Sunset Elk" by GPorter

"Within myself" by TomerE

"A Boy and his Dog" by jodiandersonhattery

"Up The Ridge Copy" by Dan_Kinghorn

"Game viewing" by Alannixon

"skater" by faramarz

"Monument Valley" by corymarshall