For this free photo contest we invite you to share your best shots showing the African continent with chances to win an awesome bundle.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner  "War Paint " by MKPhotographysa

Congratulations Runner Up "Blackbuck, the Look " by avkash

Congratulations Runner Up "Suri boy " by vedranvidak_1401

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Giraffes, do not run across the road in the wrong place! " by Lenus-ss

Congratulations People's Choice "8B10871C-609C-495B-A50C-2EC0CCF45F9D " by kdooley

"Amboseli Sunrise " by lddove

"Elephants Hide marching " by Hymakar

"Intensity - mother leopard in the Timbavati " by KimTR

"leeuwen welp " by ruudvdhorst

"2 of a kind " by christophergrobler

"3 Elephants and the early Morning Light " by khalli

"Masai Mara 20130001-101670 " by Brenda13

"Zebra Trail " by Nigel58M

"Colossal A " by Renzor

"Hug time ! " by sorentiaheinlein

"Angry Hippo " by naturesart

"Black Rhino, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania " by billklipp

"generations " by bridgephotography

"the King " by bendikstalheim

"Peace in Solitude " by sdondero

"Mokoro into the Okovango Delta " by Pardus

"Little African Elephant " by RDVPhotography

"Leopard Beauty " by JoeS

"Criss cross " by truetolifephotography

"Giraffe " by rlugibihl

"Hunters " by UsmanovRashid

"Anger " by C_Rane

"A Lioness Approaches " by johnnelson

"Kudu Portrait " by MythicHippo

"Elephant Bull " by Jtrojer

"Elephant Walks Through the Sun " by wild-west

"Three " by StarFishYAJ

"Elephant juviniles playing-1 " by Photo52

"Riffel Africa Elephant 6933 " by robertriffel

"Sunrise " by mortenross

"African bush elephant sand bathing " by ExpeditionReggie

"Embracing the Sunrise " by kathrynsklenakdannay

"Two Youngsters measuring their strength! " by zistos

"I can't decide " by paulwild

"A Night At Deadvlei " by bemccarley

"The Lion awakes " by Xplorephotographer

"Woman Mursi " by PICSVETSvetlinYosifov

"The Hunter " by gerdaeilts

"Two Elephants at Sunset in South Africa " by lynnbolt

"‘I Dream of Zebra’ " by mariaserrano

"Ethiopian Mountain Boy " by ashlibrookephotography

"Lion Prince " by xanwhite

"Early Morning View " by GrahamCooke

"The Boss " by jasonhahn

"waterbuck " by dyoung850

"The Lioness " by K_Srinivas

"I see you " by SilkeKapfer

"Eating Giraffe " by ThomasDenoulet

"Lion " by ScheiMedia

"The right timing... " by konstantinosarvanitopoulos

"_DSC7071 " by mikehodgson

"Jaguar " by RobertoGaragarza

"Impala " by mattdaugherty

"DSC_0555 " by italylover

"11MHG67373-2 " by mhagege

"Ready " by jmimages

"Masai -The road to nowhere (1 van 1) copy " by debeeldenstormer

"Family meal time " by ashleysowter

"Solo Zebra " by martinrosenkranz

along garden route South Africa " by RanaJabeen

"Magical Mara " by vigneshramachandran_4344

" " by Raulmanarte

"IMG_5411Kilimanjaro2 " by KarenCelella

"The Playful Cheetahs " by Gabrieldek

"Killie giraffes " by jackye

"Elephant Herd " by hartmanc10

"IMG_4928 " by thewillanator

"On the prowl on a tree " by ChrisIS

"i see you " by elkemoerenhout_5604

"Golden Eye " by MarieJordan

"A Large Tusker. " by maryannwest

"Wildebeest argument, Etosha NP, Namibia " by scottsinclair

"DANGER! " by Slangseun

"Cheeta " by devonvanhoffen

"Oxpecker ride " by erikvandeven

"Elephant in dust " by ollchi_xx

"Peek-a-boo " by hedgie6

"Allees des baobabs " by Marco_Tagliarino

"The Hunters " by jdannay

"The Second Balloon In Jurassic Park " by ron7cal

"Taking a walk " by Darrenp

"Patience " by heathermcfw

"Namibia by Night " by Mbeiter

"Gravel Road in Namibia " by Karl-Heinz

"Moment of Tenderness " by JohnStager

"Lions Eating " by BensViewfinder

""Eyes in the Forrest" " by SunBear22222

"The Veteran " by HarryC

"Stars over Barranco Camp - Kilimanjaro " by Robert222

"Hippo River " by WorldPix

"The Soul of Africa " by Lpepz

"Are you game. " by biglenswildlife

"Mating lions of Entabeni, South Africa " by pilapix

" " by joggievanstaden

"the king " by moritzleonard

"Mud Brothers- B&W " by chriswhittier

"Cape Point " by martinson-crusoe

"Young Mother " by bobdee

"Nom " by jonste

"Barakoi " by donvawter

"Like Father Like Son " by KayBrewer

"thinking " by kasper

"Young queen of the jungle " by mattnoir

"161124_SA_prints-5003 " by Trudie

"In Front of Every Male... " by JADUPONT

" "A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit." -- Ivy Compton-Burnett " by wenchejostad

"A mothers love! " by AndyHowePhotography

"Hout Bay " by Markus_van_Hauten

"The Beauty in its eye copy " by Frenchcliche

"Namibia 2012 Himba 3 " by Edmael