For this nature photo contest, we invited all community members to share their best images showing all types of textures found in nature with chances to win an Evecase DSLR camera lens canvas backpack and more. From drone shots showing contrasting textures to macro shots showing patterns in landscapes; show the different textures found in nature in a creative and original way.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Color Of The Night " by satie

Congratulations Runner Up "Kilauea Lava Flow " by AMills

Congratulations Runner Up "As Above, So Below " by derricksniderimagery

Congratulations Runner Up "Abstract Bark Patterns " by jpoch

Congratulations People's Choice "DJI_0157 " by jsunvisions

"kemeri " by hasmonaut

"Natai Beach " by iScreen

"Dear Peyto " by AntonioMarchetti

"Sky Fire " by DavidMBuckwalter

"Dots " by russasanov

"+ " by _0130_6071

"Rape field " by petermocsonoky

"Red Chillies Harvesting " by rohanbd26

"Red Waves " by michaelmarcoux

"Ligt and shadow int he Dunes " by zistos

"Planet Dusk " by Rinkrat

"Tea Plantation " by espreitaromundo

"At work " by BirgerB

"Antelope Canyon " by BensViewfinder

"sunset at Topas Ecolodge " by Joerg

"Dole Plantation " by gabrielsantoro

"Glacier Torre " by AlejandroFerrand

"Movement of the Wall " by Brijip2

"Realmonte's salt mine, 300 feet under sea level " by giuseppefallica

"Apostle Ice Caves " by danielprice_4060

"Rocks of The Kimberley " by nicken

"Death Valley California " by EEllis

"_DSC3516 " by anneschlueter

"Oz on the Palouse " by tomtyson

"Peace to the Sea " by diegobaravelli

"Menorcan Lighthouse " by Stephen-Blake-Photography

"Color Theory " by CraigBill

"Namib Sand Dunes " by SURREALIMAGE

"God’s architecture with nature is unimaginable. " by Rosborne4703

"Skaftafell Glacier, Iceland. Part of my 'From Above' collection. " by RichardShore

"Maple Bullseye " by James_Markus

"Frozen Bubbles " by Federico_Pinna


"Hot pool " by ellestaples

"DJI_0221 " by simon_cerulean

"Colors of spring " by daniturphoto

"Lake and Peninsula Borough Alaska " by Jackie_Kancir

"Dirty Water " by calebdaniel

"Ocean Fury " by Mitchharrold

"Autumn is here! " by CynthiaFotografie

"A Light Amongst Shadows " by Tila

"Potholes " by sameerpathak

"Baikal Sunsents " by hugovalleperez

"Columnar Basalt " by jogrigg

"Sunset at low tide at Carmila QLD. AU " by deborahhildreth

"The Lone Hiker " by JyoScapes

"Lone person on a beach " by AM_Images

"Smooth Tuscan waves " by vincentcroce

"Never Stop Exploring " by ks_pics

"The wild beauty of Son Tra Cave " by Archer1581

"Sky Veins " by Mattburgessphoto

"Ayuthaya " by onyanita

"DJI_0077 " by Lorenzoragazzi

"Boulders_Snow_Feb12_2017_Watermark " by sdondero

"Four horsemen " by saintek

"The Valley of Fire " by albaker

" God's Carpet I " by nikosladic

"Dreamcatcher " by vershinin

"Night on the Wave " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"Autumn Road " by petesmith2710

"follow the line " by oobreemartens

"Arctic Sailing Sea Ice " by jamesrushforth

"Walking to the sun " by henryksadura

"Seul au monde " by MikaPhoto83

"Road untraveled " by Jan_Zajc

" " by guykrier

"Farming " by madspeteriversen

"Treasure Island Ice Cave Iceland " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Canyon Below " by JTello

"Golden Slot Canyon " by Bruz

"Omega & Alpha " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Blue hour in the Badlands " by johnhaymore

"Lady in red " by martinpodt

"the golden car " by maperick

"The hulder " by kjerstinicolelarsen