For this fashion photo contest we invited you to share your best shots showing Summer looks with chances to win an Olloclip 4-in-1 lens solution and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Maren Klemp for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Maren Klemp is an award winning fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. She studied fine art photography under professor Robert Meyer at Robert Meyer Kunsth├Şgskole in Oslo, and she has worked on a number of personal art projects over the years.

"Summer mood " by alexmazilu

"Maya19 " by markcarolan

"Dried Up " by Jean-Massry

"Lollipop " by akphotographystudio

"The Lost Swimmer " by ElenaParaskeva

"Korlenia " by ilyayakover

"Urban fitness " by socreative

"Frost " by klepikovadaria

"Lauren " by PaulHenryStudios

" " by lucafoscili

"Summer/WInter fashion " by dompinson

"Jenny from my waterfall workshop " by JAMillsPhoto

"harmony " by spARTiat_de

"Lucia " by petrhingar

" " by Tree77777

"Eva 2 " by photobynorb

"Babe Watch " by NejcDraganjec

"Point Reyes blue dress " by stephenleonardi

"Traipse " by Limeblu

"on the pier " by AlexLove

"Oly in Cafe 1 " by eXaAny

"Summer at the lake " by marcogabbuggiani

"1 " by ArberElezi

"Bikini " by alisaadat

"Senior Sunset " by CourtneyBlissett

" " by RobClaysPhotos

"Pineapple and Pool~ " by ConnieEtter

"Virginia " by elio_landra

"Sunshine Girl " by stephaniemikuls

"golden " by Greenbee

" " by UntilInfinity

"Spring evening colour 6 " by ColinDixonPhotography

"Summer breeze " by Daniel_E_Photography

"Lost in a moment " by nathanlucas

"Field of Dreams " by Twmooney

"Polka dots " by eduardjuhos

"Jennifer " by chaunguyen

"O. " by Kerberos486

"DSC09141-2 " by terrythorpe

"Danielle 2 VVP " by carelvanvuuren

"KAR_7803 " by kylere

"Classy " by JackHoier

"Eye see you. " by brianjamesphoto

" " by gelsominopalladino

"Within " by briannancaskey

"A8465655 " by animebox

"Spring sun " by Alexsvoy

"Little Miss Sunshine " by helenbissellbland

"Sofia_G-5 " by Nyktos_Ph

"Jungle Beauty " by MasonLakePhoto

"Dance on ruins " by alexanderuljanov

"Christina " by johannafroese

"Girl in red dress " by CelestineAerden

"Rainbow Bay " by Boholm

"Hannah " by maggiemabon

" " by rebecca812

"_MG_7953-2 " by IrinaKendrick

"Gift " by LaYue

"Let's party " by sussicharlottealminde

"At the Winery " by Renman1

"Mareike I " by sollenaphotography

"Errands " by VinceVphotography

"Harsh " by daniellereese

"Sensual " by YvonneJeaK

"1990 " by fightthelight

"Melissa S 221R " by alcowin

"IMG0027 " by rreens

"Maui with Ti " by DespayreFX

"Into the wild " by andrisnikolajevs

"Stairs to Nowhere " by Megkayphotos

"Greece by the Sea #1 " by Ashleighslisher

"The Falls " by TKM_Photos

"Jenna " by jesdomacasse

"summer emotions " by tadejturk

"Fun in the sun " by sveewheelerartist

" " by debnieuwerth

"Storm " by iScreen

"Enjoy summer " by cameliasopon

"Summer " by alanclimb

"Green Water " by Schnabler

"Flowers in the Field " by jvcimages

"Home " by alexandercatedral

"Modeling " by (A)harryspereira

"Dana Shooting " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher

"yardwork " by (A)drewer1er

" " by petermarkus

"Hurricane Kat " by (A)JTSamson

"Smoke and Friends " by (A)mea115546

"Instagram: @albakerphoto (model: @iamkindred) " by albaker

"Feeling free " by gabrielastiep

"wiosna " by AgnieszkaD

"Color Tones " by jacksoncarvalho

"Annetta Lakeside " by tobiasglawe

"The waterfall of emotions " by (A)mattiabonavida

"Feel the Summer " by pedroquintela

"Shadow on the face " by Prijaznica

"_MG_9112 " by HollowOak

" " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"The Girl with the Cat Tattoo " by Helen_Mountaniol

"Jayde " by Christo

"Sunset " by JessicaDrossin

"Legs. " by laurenmcmichael

"Manon " by Denis09

"Nostalgia " by (A)tashawest

"Summer memories " by daliaa

"picture merge " by GerryF

"Dark Lady Draped " by ricklecompte

"Meanwhile in the Countryside " by PixelsInLightspace

"Lil6 " by ajcophotography

"Lovely Katy " by (A)pwillson

"Poolside... " by spyrozarifopoulos

"Salt,salt,salt " by (A)VonSchnaphoto

"Red in the Wind " by miguelantunes_8885

"Mattie " by angiemorris

"one " by redzepagicaida

"Spring Fashion " by ralfeyertt

"Ria " by Skyzzo

"Summer " by anetacoufalova

"Beach Girl " by KanaPhotography

"Deep in the woods " by Andreas_Voigt

"Gettin' pretty " by Bogdan_Iacob

"Carla " by DamianPiorko

"Mountain Dweller 8 " by sarahallegra

"Descending from the boat " by eugeniosiliceo

"Cave girl " by moritzleonard

"The Brick Stairs " by Renita_TBFPhotography

"Woman in red " by odedios