A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the main subject on the ground in this photo contest with chances to win a Spinlight 360 Extreme and more!

We appreciate the collaboration of all the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more awesome photo contests coming soon...

Congratulations People's Choice "Taking a Nap " by ChasingLightLikeMad

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "The flowers " by Girlwiththepearl

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Wornout socks(3) " by MissWellne

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Ran Over " by gunnarheilmann

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Double Trouble " by felicityberkleef

Congratulations Runner Up "Pool time " by St-GermainPhotographie

Congratulations Runner Up "Survivor " by tomrexjessett

"A fallen mushroom " by mbernholdt

"_DSC4610 " by outside

"Seashell " by oceansoulphotografix

"Beautiful blonde woman " by cinematheart

"invisible #2 " by davidelorenzoni

"The 3 Point Check " by zinojohn

"Finn " by tracymunson

"Sea hatches " by rumenzografov

"Long way from home " by colingibbs

"Monument Valley " by DutchTouch

"Snowy Owl - Jazz Wings " by JimCumming

"Sliding Rock of Racetrack Playa " by lakevermilionphotos

"Auckland Intl Airport-4 " by SarahCaldwell

"The Leaf on the Street " by PixelsInLightspace

"Beauty And The Beast " by ArtGirl

"Winter Droplet " by kylere

"My Teddy " by tobiasglawe

"Not all stars belong to the sky " by KatieMcKinneyPhotography

"DSC_7459_7459_7459_easyHDR " by CNP68

"Runaway Shoes " by PHOTOHAPPY

"Dirt Road Prayer " by mattarcher_7110

"Country Roads " by courtneythomsen

"Girl in the Grass " by BrionyWilliams

"Red jewel " by NellyMorisot

"Fallen, but not forgotten (B&W) " by MOZEL

"zen-butterfly " by french1944

"Arm " by vladimirchuyko

"Night memories " by q-liebin

"Albulasee vertical " by kammpascal

"The True of Habana " by borodatyj

""Black Sun" " by marcogabbuggiani

"I'm free , she said " by PoloD

"4532_OCEAN BEAUTY " by photoshooter

"Nature " by richtaylorphoto

"Lost in Time " by DavidMBuckwalter

"on the rocks " by josephferrara

"Vacant " by mariostomazou

"F R I E N D S " by spARTiat_de

"Rosbeg, Donegal " by photonblender

"SlidingBear " by mjkirkland

"Trinity " by olesteffensen

"Broken antlers " by sandythompson

"Young Blue Vervetmonkey " by YvonnevanderMey

"The Boat " by jomyjose

"Halloween is Near " by phil1

"Road Snake " by jackfkey

"Final Approach " by James1970

"Good Luck " by sandipbose

"D4S_6915d4s_6915_HDR " by thetradewindsgallery

"Scavenged Prey " by SharonLandisPhotography

"Wake Up Betsy! " by RRamsey72

"Windsor Castle " by matthewarmsby

"Through the Surf " by PattiBaker

"Contemplation " by romainbarats

"Kayak and Sunset " by marlonmullon

"Last man standing " by SamGorski

"ice-ice-baby " by JBramerPhotography

"Cheetah 13w " by delhunter

"Riffel Seashell on the Beach " by robertriffel

"Love letter " by semy

"Inspired by the work of Arnaud Ele " by thierryvouillamoz

"Beach Girl " by KanaPhotography

"Snow face buffalo " by CherylO

"RA-20170118-1 " by doccravens

"'Fallen" " by Kavanthekid

"June 6 2017 - Olive's Pine Cone " by CassaraHealey

"Chilling in the mud " by christophergrobler

"The Fragile Blossom That Opens In The Snow " by sarahallegra

"Rhinoceros Beetle Among Flowers " by rhamm

"One Seashell " by klang

"Classic Beauty " by thepixelpoet

"Slide back to First " by cazaresmedia

"Flower eyes " by davestokes

"Broken doll 1 " by stratographic

"Mapoza Male " by Gregmorambo

"Hawk Breakfast " by davidwkwok

"Icy " by martaadra

"Ball, Bat and Glove " by Stellasview

"Butterfly " by Cbries

"Got an Itch " by Mugs

"Lola the Pug " by Wendy11

"Seal Pup, Tyne Sands, East Lothian " by tobyprice

"Iguana point of view " by Ccbcpa

"A Fisherman's christmas tree " by zlimmen

"German Shepherds " by Tande

"Snail Portrait " by AnnJane

"Mia Smile " by KMHalaska

"Relax, we have all the time in the world " by GhostLightPhotography

"Anza Borrego " by dkvart1

"IMG_7048 " by lauradark

"longing for the light " by LeviLangerakPhotography

"Part of The Pride " by KColbyPhotography