Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Springtime Macro Photo Contest, sharing their best macro shots taken during the spring. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins an Apple watch.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Ron Clifford for his collaboration as a guest judge. Ron Clifford is an artist, coach, and creative mentor with a unique gift to help unlock the creative ninja that lives inside every person. You could say Ron explore his world through the connections his camera helps him create – and to help others overcome roadblocks and see blind spots along their own creative journey. Ron is also one of the founding Masters (mentors) in the amazing online photography learning platform known as "The Arcanum" as well as being involved in training new mentors joining them on the platform, Ron thinks he has the best job in the world!

"Giraffe" by Macrero

"Butterfly" by (A)cynthiaverbruggen

"SpringRain" by nadiapaul

"Prairie Crocus at last light" by Cowtown_Scribe

"Metamorphosis" by Rinkrat

"Feeding Time" by IraklisMakrygiannakis

"Bee in flower" by nedkov

"spring is coming .... " by Franknaba

"The Perfect Twist" by JeffMonk101

"Cigarron" by derekgalon

"grasshopper" by eugenekutuzoff

"de fábula" by carmenvich

"IMG_3794" by janetbailey

"Reaching for the sunlight" by CPF-photography

"Flowers bouquet" by Suzanathehunter

"Snake's head fritillary" by UroshGrabner

"Spring" by Lars_Rosholm

"Mr Bee" by Signefotar

"Fantasy" by adinaJ

" See you tomorrow!" by hofhauser

"Awakening" by christianmorzsa

"Spring Palette " by ElysianFineArt

"Cuckoo flower with dew" by (A)jantsjebron

"curves" by sandythompson

"Macro purple 1" by (A)DebColeman

"Alien" by radekgora

"Ladybug Leaf" by jenniehettrick

"Caterpillar" by Heartdust

"The Cakra" by saefullregina

"Kosmatinko" by (A)matej007

"Ladybug ll" by Grestrepo13

"Double King" by Erik_Niko

"Tulip accessory." by (A)EJSMITH

"Red Eyed Tree Frog" by yasarugurlu

"~~~~" by radekgora

"I want to put here this drop" by albertoghizzipanizza

"Senecio Senetti" by esmeelneburg

"spring is coming " by Franknaba

"Red Eye...." by sandracockayne

"Dreamy Yellow" by (A)SeowSweeMeng

"Red Fungus" by Ozscapes

"Mantis :: dianesportfolio" by dianesportfolio

"Tear" by adinaJ

"Color explosion" by josebonilla

"Butterflies" by ravikanthphotography

"Dahlia" by (A)sunshine0

"Ladybird_Bellis1" by Andy_Sears

"Blue" by (A)michaelbckling

"crop" by (A)Bunch

"Tulip" by (A)christinepanlaqui

"The Violet" by ipshitaray

"Geranium" by JohnHPhotography

"Half Dandelion Favorite" by telobrown

"Macro fly" by _EVO_

"Droplet Fly" by sillypigsplay

"Home sweet home" by denysuryati

"The details and symmetry of a dragonfly" by (A)kingshukmukherjee1699

"Be My Dream" by aylinkalan

"IMG_0588" by alexandradiaconescu

"petals in pink " by sharral

"The Golden DF" by iccangninol

"Pink" by SarahCC

"Little World" by DrewHopper

"Hummingbird blitz" by CrazyBradyLady

"You looking at me?" by alechickman

"Coming home" by sandrameyer

"Beauty Exposed" by DanielleShields

"_MAF2344-Modifier" by mafe

"Daisy (2)" by (A)Roussou

"Spring" by Malu

"Big Drops" by mostafaghroz

"Baby Sandhill Crane and Mom" by Tc202

"Bee on Ceanothus" by philnott

"Fairy world" by hofhauser

"Cherry Clouds" by JackyP

"Bee" by stevehardiman

"3 drops and a flower" by (A)clk65777

"Spring is here!" by markhortonphotography

"DSC_1373 Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly, Nikon Coolpix A, f5, 1/200s, iso320." by briancluer

"Flower Crown" by lloydblackburn

"Purple Perfection................" by Hood

"The Pink" by judithstopforth

"Margarita Rioja Red" by ericakinsella

"IMG_7252" by gratitud

"Pink beauty " by (A)jennypather

"Honeybee" by luka567

"Tailed Jay " by (A)Bannekh

" The sequence of the wrong path...10660126_1674915549424815_5277840033480709631_n" by AmancioCouto

"Yellow Jacket wasp" by JimWalling

"Spread your wings" by borisworkshop

"love me tender" by (A)AlanHillen

"Crested gecko" by harrylyndonskeggs

"Dragonfly" by Sander_Freitas

"Beauty in Yellow" by arquien

"DROPLETS" by JanHrischenko

"Yellow Rain Drops" by Paul-Stapleton

"Yes! I'm looking at you" by PhotoKyn

"Joseph's Coat Caterpillar" by nicken

"Outta my waaayyyyyy!!!!!" by (A)czechm8

"Dragon" by ChristopherM

"Damsels II" by MikeCeglady

"Kickin' it" by dikkysoesin

"Iced-Flower" by Marcogressler

"Swallowtail against Blue" by (A)carolcardillo

"Infinity" by krvarga

"The Worker II" by SarahJanePhotography

"Droplets" by (A)OMPhotography

"Backyard Flowers In Black And White 10 After The Storm" by thelearningcurve

"Ladybug" by karlmack (*)

"Standing Tall" by windycorduroy

"Pinwheel Mushrooms" by mrjcall

"Micro Fungi" by Stanltp

"Seedling" by Michael_Higgins

"Brown Eyed Girl" by SteeleBirdie

"Vintage lace wedding " by martinesansoucy

"Ringing in Spring" by DarkEyes

"Bee Hummingbird-2" by db-ART

"Make a wish" by JennyAnneJFP

"LA MARIPOSA " by josebrener


"Australian Emerald Dragonfly 2 WM" by christinahawkins