Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots showing soft tones in this colors photo contest with chances to win a Nikon D3300 and more.

A special thanks to our friends and photographers Henrik Spranz and Perdita Petzl for their collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Henrik Spranz has been shooting images since 2006. His initial interests lay in travel photography, although these days you'll find him focusing more on the small world and wildlife photography. Henrik has been the recipient of multiple awards and publications.  Perdita is an ambassador for SIGMA Austria, passionate about writing articles for journals, supporting wildlife conservation projects, running photo workshops, enthusiastically shooting pets and being a jury member of international photo contests.

Congratulations Amateur Winner "IMG_0040 " by NallyKat

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Tori Ermelyn " by sollenaphotography

"We were instantly mesmerized by this portrait - not only because the look in the eyes of the model dragged us in, but also the shallow depth  of field and the composition with the surrounding light weight fabric which seems to be already around us giving us the feel of an intimate view. The fabric also does its job to soften the light even more." - Henrik Spranz and Perdita Petzl

Congratulations Runner Up "Moody Swakop " by KarineEyE

"For us the management of the three zones - foreground, midground and  background - works perfectly. The visible movement of the water flowing  back into the sea using a little longer exposure drags us in to the  midground with its troubled water. But having the long pier as an anchor  gives the beautiful lit sky with its framing dark clouds the space it  deserves." - Henrik Spranz and Perdita Petzl

Congratulations Runner Up " G O L D E N D U S T " by Dantes_View

"This photo joined our shortlist instantly. The curves of the dunes lead  us into the scene in a perfect way and we love the fine textures in the  sand of the foreground. The compositions leads us directly to the fight  of the soft dune and flying sand against the dark sky with its  threatening clouds. We wonder if it would have made number one with a  less darkened sky - at least in this soft tones contest." - Henrik Spranz and Perdita Petzl

Congratulations People's Choice " " by ultrachic


"Tyler 02 " by JayAlanRickard

"Shades of Blue " by douglasrichardson

"Me & Sami 1 " by TheodoreH

"DSC_6599 " by GaryCummins

"Flame " by clareahalt

"pastel nest " by Child_Expressions

"Golden Hour " by myyleenee

"Pink Single Dogwood Bloom " by LucyCMorr

"Retro Fashion " by Jean-Massry

"Magnolia " by anetacoufalova

" " by maraleite

"Ovsik " by ivatrocke

"Pasque flowers " by lukasjonaitis

"Blushing Beauty " by johannafroese

"peony 7702 " by Hattie

"Friendly Hummingbird " by KelleyMelton

"IMG_0961 " by HendeD

"Beautiful Still " by AbbyHanneman

"_ALS1799 " by anneschlueter

"Veins " by pilardazgmez

"The Rainbow Houses " by massimilianoconiglio

"Tekapo Lupines " by corymarshall

" Orange Poppy " by ConnieEtter

"Magic flowers
Hvaler - Norway " by Ostsidenfoto

"thumb tree, 2.4 " by JeffSiege

"Ann with flowers " by Andamata

"Clairese in Chiffon " by stevelemke

"Contemplation " by SURREALIMAGE

"Childhood stories " by mariadelvallepresser

"Dreamy Clover Bed " by aprillewis

"Stairway to Heaven " by MR_fotoworx

"Hey you, what you doing here? " by Proton

"All I could think about was you .... " by shadowimagephotography

"Sunflowers " by Byronfairphotography

"dessert " by alexey_gorshenin

"Purple Gal " by FruitCocktailCreative

"The end of a Saterday " by MJLara

"Giant Pinwheels " by jrchaney

"Tones " by Byondhelp

"Poppy love " by nathanlucas

"Angy and Rocin " by AAPhotography-byAlina

" " by marcpickard

"Cherry Blossoms #1 " by alszajman

"Mary Mary " by jillianfrancoishocker

""Good Morning Sun" " by Forrestgump

"Lilly 2 " by Paul1707

"Blossoming Plant " by kenproshot

"The Foggy Dew " by wimdenijs

"L'éveil du printemps " by lulubecdubois

"Isla " by clach

"By The Window " by angelaamen

"Sol " by Lanfear

"Longing " by pedrorangel

"Ice vs Fire " by Konstantinos_Lagos

"Fire Clouds " by francescogola

"Beauty And Beyond " by GigiJim08

"Classic " by nathanpichel

"Gold " by ChiquitaApple

"Jump " by miguelantunes_8885

"Alley Photoshoot " by daniellerman

"Kate " by Helen_Mountaniol

"White sweetness " by Denis09

"Pink Glasses " by akphotographystudio

"Isle of skye road trip " by mattbenham

"Paint the Sky " by simalg05

"The Jetty in 62 seconds. " by kimschou

"IMG_3929 " by Intheshadows

"1950 Ford F155 - 001 " by petercoombes

"Repose " by JessicaDrossin

"A tiny World ... " by High-Hopes

"Misty morning " by gkossieris

"SEED POD " by seantredway

"Sylvie " by lisaholloway

"ITALY | SICILY " by Magicaltrails

"Running Naomi " by kerendanielikasner

"IMG_1806x " by lauradark

"Help Me " by sarahallegra

"Spring " by siegart

"Sometimes is about being different by capturing an unknown place, part of being a photographer is also about exploring. Sometimes is about excellence, capturing an iconic location better than anyone else. Sometimes is creativity, capturing that location i " by AlejandroFerrand

"Cherry Blossom Time " by terryc

"Tender Tulip " by MartinaD

"Soft Rose " by rinkarnatz

"At the Gardens 4 " by Judy_zehentner

"Misty Blue Flower " by tinadare-bellamahri

"Pink-141 " by shannonkirk

"Clematis " by lanatolle

"NATURE " by Pablo-Klik

"Pretty in Pink " by dpken

"Mellow-Yellow " by pedroquintela

"Dante the Andalucian " by PerfectPoniesEquine

"Lil6 " by ajcophotography

"Its a different kind of world " by joshedstedt

"Nanette in Havana, Cuba " by kinggillespie

"Fading " by daliaa

"Lauren " by PaulHenryStudios

"Winter Sunset " by Boholm

"Winter day at the beach. " by cristinacovas

"Emily " by photobynorb

"Hazel Honeysuckle getting ready " by paulbloch

"Beli žafran (Crocus vernus albiflorus) " by JoskoSimic

"number one " by eelcovanroden

"Raspberry cake " by mssunshine

" " by lucafoscili

"Glowing Bride " by PepperMendez

"Fire Island Sunrise " by jamesjohnston_3471

"Summer vibes... " by spyrozarifopoulos

"Evie Bunny " by TerriCoxPhotography

"CH " by Loza

"A Moment " by hamdiezainal

"Felixstowe Pier " by socreative

"Mountain peak " by whaevamakesuhappy


"Butterfly on Lavender " by sarahwolfe_1013

"Cold colors " by PixelsInLightspace

"Oceanside Harbor " by larrymarshall

"Against all Odds " by WildSeascapes

"Sofi vestido rosa " by amaliazilio

"Jetty under the sunrise " by mb_lichtbild

"Natália - Light - Colors " by gabrielfox

"Cycling on an early morning " by martinpodt

"City Ballet1 " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Long Beach " by PaigeFreier

"Uno sguardo, un paradiso " by andreasmcmuller