Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best skyscraper shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Manfrotto Advanced Befree backpack and more. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winners' announcement coming soon.

"New york " by F-Baun

"Dusk in the City " by alexcampanella

"The lion king " by MBphotographybiz

"Landmark" by jaycohen

"Downtown" by VascoDeGarba

"Skyrise" by Forrest_Imagery

"Sunset in Berlin " by Martina_Prielozna

"La-torre-oscura " by MONSUGAR

"Singapore skyline " by corymarshall

"Moscow City " by DR_PICTURE

"Empire State Building and New York City Skyline " by pnewbery

"The Lady In Pink " by ElenaParaskeva

"360 Chicago " by RickBurgett

"New York skyscraper " by JrWalker

"Office Towers " by RHRatcliffe

"Eiffel Tower at night " by ppalacinlafuente

"Light Crawl in the City " by prasenjitsarkar

"Sky Rider " by timecapturer

"Looking up in San Francisco " by ellenellen

"Marilyn Monroe Towers " by Galskjaer

"Watching from a Rooftop " by beyond_the_prism

"City of Colour " by seanschuster

"Petronas Towers " by annetteflottwell

"To Touch the Sky is to Reach the Soul " by Dana_Walker

""Break In The Clouds" " by JCPhotoPro1

"DUBAI " by Paul_Joslin

"Petronas Towers " by lszlpotozky

"Silver Tower " by Arbustus

"til dawn " by johnphillips

"Vancouver, Canada " by warrenstowell

"burning sunset over singapore " by alex_lauterbach

"Christmas Sky " by keeley15lf

"In between " by (A)whaevamakesuhappy

"Sunset at Dubai Marina " by (A)RonCunningham

"Empire State Building.JPG " by troymarcy

"Skyscrapers encased in fog " by Lizsette

"Giotto's Tower, Florence Italy " by AMills

"TT Black Frame " by AnotherDayisNOW

"Running Clouds " by AMagaglio

"Office & Residential Building in Dubai. " by (A)SueTW

"Time Travel " by wissow

"NYC " by Hector

"upupup.jpg " by visko

"Looking Up " by adavies

"Exclusion " by Jellyfire

"Bosco Verticale " by gaetanocessati

"tulsa downtown " by timhayes_3281

"Roadway " by rafsalsa

"Vitreous " by SandroRossiImagery

"On the Ledge " by lmclain13

"MOSCOW CITY " by alarsen

"_DWB4831-HDR " by KanaPhotography

"Shanghai Sunset " by johnkimwell

"Hong Kong " by smijh

"Vertical Hong Kong " by Forrest_Brown

"Shanghai Bund " by wojciech_toman

"New Paris " by carmenioneanu

"Bridge Between " by StuartMcMillan

"LE Empire " by zTilghman

"Manhattan " by samRicky

"The City " by matthew.eden

"Silver City " by N1ckBaker

"Brooklyn bridge " by AnthonyAlpha

" " by shawnvoloshin

"Looking up in Hong Kong " by (A)MeganShadow

"NY " by (A)mityaika

"Now! " by (A)anaritaferreira

"one world trade centre " by (A)andrewcarter901

"LA " by danymillerphotos

"h o m e " by (A)tatumthedirector