Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing movement within the frame in the Showing Movement Photo Contest with chances to win a GoPro HERO Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Chris Poplawski for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "Hello everyone! My name is Chris, I’m a Southern California native who travels full-time for anything that keeps a camera in my hand. I’m home one week of every month and have managed to explore 12 new countries since I started a year ago, with my favorite being a tiny chain of islands in the North Atlantic ocean known as the Faroe Islands. A large portion of my work is dedicated to traveling with brands (products) and for weddings, but personally I love experiencing new landscapes and engaging with wildlife in their natural element."

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Running boy" by EuroBen

"Wild animals in their natural habitat is something I’m very fond of. It’s dangerous, there’s high risk of injury when animals are not domesticated and an artform of its own that takes years of practice to acquire the right skills to do this safely/masterfully. The snow brings everything into perspective- adding an unfavorable risk, forcing the viewer (even professional photographers) to question Ben’s position while snapping this. This environment provides a rush of adrenaline- knowing that summer months are already difficult to survive for wild animals, now faced with the extreme conditions of winter. How harsh is the winter? Is he hunting? When was his last meal? - This photo simply makes me think about the reality of survival. It's impactful and demonstrates that life is always moving forward. Fast paced, filled with emotion and exhibits “showing movement”. The depth of field is incredible, the rule of thirds is perfect, while the color is true to form." - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Runner Up "Turn that corner" by marrieladurandegui

"I believe this photo requires similar risk and skill as #1, but comes in a close second. My favorite aspect is the massive distance and speed that’s offered in the length of the photo. The kicked up dust offers depth behind the leopard and the open space to the left demonstrates the sheer power and ability of this animals legs. Capturing this is obviously the a very quick flash of a shutter and the use of space stood out to me. I could only imagine the precision it took with a long barreled zoom lens and the emotion of the chase down (if it were hunting something). The black and white style provides the viewer a throwback to the past, as it feels timeless in quality as survival has always been a huge part of the animal kingdom. Although I think the medium is perfect for this particular photo, I find Ben’s use of light and color in #1 to be a stronger candidate. I think the choice between the two comes down to personal preference of medium over anything else." - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Runner Up "Blast" by JeffreyA

"I have seen pictures of airplanes flying, spaceships taking off, helicopters with a pair of legs hanging out, but I have never seen the “blastoff” of a fighter jet captured so strongly. My immediate thought was, “are we approaching the speed of light?” and “are cameras even able to capture that speed?”. Possibly deceiving use of a cloud, but more so perfect timing and clever. In either scenario, the smoke (or cloud) around the plane creates a burst that fits perfectly with “showing movement”. Similar to the leopard, I love the space offered around the plane to showcase movement in that direction and how fast it feels. Definitely an impressive capture that resonates creative originality. I’d have to argue again that this boils down to personal preference and the fact that my eyes were simply more drawn to the wild animals then a fighter jet. " - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations People's Choice "Berchem " by AdCarreira

"Making a splash!" by chrisholcroft

"Wings" by kathijensen

"untitled" by dellaina

"White angels" by DanielKordan

"The Ghost " by aliceloder

" Shake it off!!" by AshThomson

"Goðafoss" by Ivan_Bertusi

"Hopkins Swirls" by Nishant-101

"Free" by clareahalt

"DSC_1769-crop-01-small-n" by Rostovskiy

"Wind Farm 2" by PaulPersys

"Full Speed" by FlatMat

"Fast and Furious 2 in the big water" by brentmorris

"Male wood duck" by alainmauviel

"Flight of the Snowy - Snowy Owl" by JimCumming

"Motocross Rider" by dirkluus

"SPLAT...!!" by lessysebastian

"FJ Crusier 2014 " by ChrisVanLoan

"Ursa Major" by Athena_B

"Hyper Drive" by brandonleedittsworth

"Lower Manhattan" by philipslotte

"American Robin" by deannefortnam

"As the new day begins..." by liliaalvarado

"Awakening" by Inaki

"Racing Waves - Southwold" by aaronhill

"meel" by DennisartPhotography

"Trails to Half Dome" by ianchen0

"The Coast Of Stokksnes" by Daniel-Photography

"DSC00891 2" by fotki54

"Powder play" by clickedbyju

"Beached " by PolygonsPixels

"Light to the mountain " by patrice-vallet

"Symmetry of the Wind " by eastlyn_

"poiana secuilor " by AndyMaraloi

"Light the way " by joshuabeniston

"Take the Shot " by kierankerrigan

"Skógafoss " by TimHallPhoto

"Bad Hair Day " by Boholm

"High-tide " by petersvoboda

"Snake in the Rockies " by HopeCharmaine

"Simone Simons " by slavica

"VW Beetle in action " by sarelvanstaden

"the mill " by BOULENGER

"The Dancer " by lszlpotozky

"Free Spirit " by tonybruguiere

"San Giovanni Festival " by SirDiegoSama

""Fleeing Light" Processing Video Tutorial - Available Now " by ericbennett

"Dream " by magorzatakuriata

"Bruarfoss " by gilesrrocholl

"Amsterdam canal cruise light trails. " by shanzhi

"Night on the Passo Rolle " by jamesrushforth

"The race " by chris-herzog

"Sunwapta Falls " by kedardatta

"sparkling buddha " by riankrenzer

"The Fan " by SundaysChildPhotography

"Fly by. " by davidscottrobson

"Jump " by redzepagicaida

"Seven Hundred Seven " by TheLucidTruth