Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best minimalist shots in the Show Minimalism Photo Contest with chances to win a Sony a3000 and more!

"Thank you very much to all the contestants for the top images of this years Show Minimalism Photo
Contest. It was a very lengthy and difficult process of elimination. And subjective I know. I also felt very
privileged to be a part of the judging. Thank you." - Mark Metternich

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Mark Metternich for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Mark Metternich is a full time professional landscape photographer who has spent most of his time living mobile on the road. Mark's great passion for fine art landscape comes through in his work and has attracted a wide audience around the world, has been widely published and has won various awards.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "ZEN" by Paul_Joslin

"It was a difficult decision because I have several favorites for different reasons. But as a professional landscape photographer myself, this one just jumped out at me. I have also always loved minimalism, and atmosphere and here is it done incredibly well." - Mark Metternich

Congratulations Runner Up "Lone Swimmer Entering Surf at Dawn_P" by Toptruck

"It is a wonder of an image to look at. It very much inspires me to break the “rules” for artistic seascapes. I did try to find the specific techniques used but to no avail. My guess is a little in camera vertical blurring/panning (or vertical blurring done in Photoshop) composited in with a bit of normal slow shutter speed/ water blur and then the female figure was masked in. My only critique is that the specular highlight brightness in the upper left area was slightly distracting to the scene overall and the color choice of bathing suit seemed to clash just a little bit with the scene." - Mark Metternich

Congratulations Runner Up "Black Church of Budir " by madspeteriversen

"I love simple solitary minimalistic church scenes. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but they are mine. Excellent image. The only thing my brain was wanting is for there to be a cross on top of this church. I do believe that in life, there is a struggle of life and death and good and evil. There is mystery and there is power. I see all this in this image, not to mention the beauty of creation. Beautiful." - Mark Metternich

Congratulations Amateur Winner "DSC_0396" by vickiecrosbycarroll

"I love everything about the image. The surrealness of the hummingbird with blurred lights in the background make this an amazing, almost magical image worthy of any gallery wall! I think part of me wanted to know if this was a composite or a single shot. But having said that, I also believe a photo stands and falls on its own merits. If this is not a composite, it is one of the best photos I have ever seen in my life." - Mark Metternich

Congratulations People's Choice "S T A N D " by remedios

"Baby turtle " by carlosgrillo

"Idolatry" by GhostLightPhotography

"curves " by sandythompson

"I believed what I shouldn`t have " by lauracallsen

"Taking Flight" by JT74

"Holy Perimeter " by DrewHopper

"jelly2" by jamiecortinas

"NotOnlyStudio" by vassilispitoulis

"Arctic Fox" by JimCumming

"Can't See The Sea" by ts446photo

"Only" by mircobalboni

"Pier into the Mist" by suegraves

"Crossing a Frozen Lake" by springlake

"Infinity II" by billpeppas

"Tree Frog in the Park" by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"Isolated" by GaryEllisPhotography

"wheatfield tree" by wolfman57

"Portencross." by pauldmessenger

"Swinging" by Deboodle

"Stairway from heaven" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Trees and a bird" by alekrivec

"Golden Gate Emergence" by sortino

"The Needle at Haystack Rock, Oregon Coast_6979" by SofTrain-Graphics

"dandelion" by christianhohnen

"Solitario" by josedevesa

"Iron Pot lighthouse sunrise Jan 2017" by Roselync

"Tiny" by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"silence" by C_LaCroix

"Light HUNTERS" by marekbiegalski


"Loner " by kasparsciematnieks

"Epiphany " by LarryGreene

"Passage of time " by awu88

"Spying on Sarah " by ClubPout

"One Step at a Time " by Lpepz

"simple colors " by siph

"Distant Shores " by francescogola

"Drop of life " by anders_samuelsson

"The Christmas moon " by Ozscapes

"Release the stress " by pedrocastro_2572

"Jurg in Zermatt " by ollybowman

"IMG_8804 " by benjaminthomaspowell

"Christ the Redeemer " by lgphotodc

"Horse in the Night " by sophiakjohnson

"Windmills in the fog " by ryanminion

"Alone " by Boholm

"Iconic African Sunrise " by kathrynsklenakdannay

"bridge to nowhere " by vynce

"Cookie & Cream " by fournierphotographe

"Silhouette " by alexandresurel

"Nuit sur Valensole " by Fannie_Jowski

"Crocosmia " by AMills

"+++ " by dmitrysamsonov

"Fly Portrait " by Badgrandad

"Echoes of Old Applause " by SteveCheetham

"At the tip of her fingers ... " by briancann

"Returning to the Sea " by iwangroot

"Infinity" by LorenzoMittiga

"feathers" by metasequoia

"Zebra ....You Lookin' At Me?" by Pamelabole

"road to past" by slawek

"One above the other" by Milkywayhunters

"Mountain Zen" by knoxphoto

"Ruffle My Feathers" by nikipike

"Morning Glow" by Lukamundo

"Dirty Water" by calebdaniel

"Tulip" by michellemckoy

""Leaf"" by ericbennett

"Riffel Seashell on the Beach" by robertriffel

"Have a good day." by andreealoredanamihailiuc

"Into the Fog" by LauraKimberlyPhotography

"DSC_9847" by novakmiler

"Dark dirt road in fog" by Adam_Triska

"Nature of Life " by MiguelMartins

"Zipper " by NicoZwanenburg

"What to wear " by jmphotography2323

"Not all stars belong to the sky" by wildorchidphotography

"9N4A3302" by Anneliese-Photography

"Wanda" by srahwinter

"Minimalist beauty of open water at daybreak" by brentmorris

"The Loop" by CarolQuinaPhotography

"In the fogg" by Kraljikica