For this contest we invited you to share your most intriguing shots showing the green color as the main aspect of the composition. From the green tones found in landscapes and rural areas to architecture, objects and fashion, show us how you capture the green in this colors photo contest and make it pop in your photo with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "The Shark " by albertdros

Congratulations People's Choice "Windows " by Ivan_Bertusi

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Two of greens " by AdCarreira

Congratulations Runner Up "I Mint to do That " by ellestaples

Congratulations Runner Up "Caitlyn " by nessyeyles

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Trilled Songs of Heaven Bird " by Jan_Smid_MQEP

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Green Hills " by maraleite

"Church at the Crossroad " by dyanpratt

"Flower queen " by icyabi5

"FC976236-9FFE-4CB2-A746-301E457440C8 " by larryrogers

"Tree Tops " by HaydnDarePhotography

"Løvøya Camping from above " by gerardmeksass

"Ballagh Isheen Ireland " by kenrhodes

"Fiordland , New Zealand " by SarahCaldwell


"Rocks " by schitschka

"Karlin waves II. " by daniturphoto

"Forest tales " by gkossieris

"Spring harmony... " by kbrowko

"Frozen " by saskiadingemans

"Harz " by dirkrichter

" Old growth " by TendrelImages

"The Green Lady's Dance " by Rodrigueelhajj

"Moravian fields " by JoskoSimic

"Vestrahorn aurora " by strOOp

"Forest " by petesmith2710

"Rocky Route " by garyalankophotography

"in green " by BonnieJM

"Mafate Cirque - Reunion Island " by VeroniqueRochard

"Enchantment " by anthonyryan

"Tree Frog on Bromeliad " by deannefortnam

"Through the leafs " by olivierlw

"Light in the forest " by jamierichey

"The chute " by PF-pics

"Emerald " by danielprice_4060

"Fatebenefratelli Stair " by ericcriswell

"Halnaker tunnel " by leecarpenter

"Coyote " by brandonbroderick

"The coolest soccer field ever! " by sergiovindas

"Papua from above " by kutsey

"Tropic Treasure " by Kaisaleephotography

"Forest " by rumenzografov

"The Pond of Life " by alextaubin

"Tree Frog " by beamieyoung

"Buoy in Walvis Bay - Namibia " by marcobertazzoni

"Fa l l s " by wazza

"Pleased to meet you . . . " by Pete_Rowbottom

"G0028703 copy " by stephenleonardi

"story about tree " by tadejturk

"Camping under the aurora " by DJMay

"Lost in the past " by pepinair

"Green Bottle Fly Macro " by David_Blakley_Photography

"Twin Falls " by kailamariewalton

"The most EPIC waterfall I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.. It’s not that it’s the biggest or most powerful, it’s that it is like stepping into an episode of “Land Of The Lost” (for you young‘ns out there, that was a tv show where dinosaurs.... o " by derricksniderimagery

"Flying " by kevinsawyerphotography

"Newport Woods " by amazedbyyou

"Taking a Nap " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"Cucumber Falls " by HisImages

"GSM_6260 " by photoABSTRACTION

" " by travelnthink

"Play Off " by alessandrointini

"Aurora in Kellyville " by ardluk

"Panther Creek Falls " by gappman

"Endless Tulpis " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Fischland- Darss-Zingst " by Markus_Bachmann_Fotos

"Fallen tree " by BAKZ_Photography

"The dancing trees " by DennisartPhotography

"Green symmetry " by BOULENGER

"Fanad Head Lighthouse " by tizianamudu

"E C R I N " by EmmanuelVerzura

"Forest coffee " by schevallier

"Reflection " by Joy_in_photography

"2016 05 05_1598 smart copy " by speterson6

"The tree in the lake " by mbernholdt

"2018.01.05_WM_D_PsRT_Ginger Green Tea with Green Tea Ice Cream at Fuji Hana_IMG_5191 " by Elbereth

"The Pool " by gregbarber

"untitled-1803-2 " by stevennichols

"One of my favorite spring flowers. " by klmd143

"Oak tree " by wombatgirl51

"Forest Fairy " by tamnelson

"12 o clock " by paulmead

"Florida_Cruise 2011 Blue Lagoon 3jpg " by doubleplay

"Building community with food, laughter and love. " by Loveofpeople

"bike " by jasonbolduc

"Streams from above " by EnvisionMedia

"Marsh Marigolds " by mattpayne

"Colwith Force " by martinrosenkranz

"Fluffy sunset " by michaelstabentheiner

"Bow down " by Macromanic

"Tree at Winterthur " by lucretia

"Mr Pointys Mate " by DanMac

"Soda Creek, Oregon Cascades " by JoanCarsonMartelli

"Green Fields " by douglasrichardson

"Rocky clifs from above " by The_Photo_Wave_Rat

"Green supporter " by carolyns

"265A9433 " by iani

"The Green Tree " by Stu_Soley

"Emerging " by JessicaDrossin

"COLORFXPRo " by Andreas_Voigt

" God's Carpet I " by nikosladic

"Autumn 2 " by ElaImage

"The Forgotten Lines " by inspirationbeast

" " by sarahking

"The worker " by iordandanielteodorescu

"South Miami Beach " by Codytes

"WWII " by piotrciechomski

"DSC_4912 " by praveenbnsm

"Hidden gem " by matejmlakar

"T72 - Russian Tank " by Cokies004

"sns peppers - edit " by jeanettesugar

"facing away " by amaliazilio

"Twin Falls " by elijahharmon

"Arena Negras " by Fannie_Jowski

"Last Autumnally Warming Sunlight " by martinson-crusoe

"Aurora Show off " by paaluglefisklund

"Green Corner " by Dantes_View

"Phare de Chassiron " by danshachar

"Terraced rice paddies " by larrywelch

"Isle of Skye " by rowanke

"The creek " by Child_Expressions

"*** Autumn Bottom *** " by shutterchemistry

"chamäleon " by Anneliese-Photography

"Leading Lines " by UnkleFrank

"Mckay Falls " by corymarshall

"Winter art " by daliaa

"Valley of Temples Kalauu Oahu, HI " by GayleLucci

"The Sentinel " by Mariko

"Twilight Homestead " by RyanWunsch

"Jokulsarlon " by ianchen0

"hands " by ClaireJean

"Snake in the Grass 25 " by Dacemac

"Golf " by livioferrari

"Rolling Hills " by NiCoBoCo

"Forest " by Beno62

"Grasshopper in the fall " by FruitCocktailCreative

"Green Crowned Brilliant. " by Alfredo_Jose