Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing different sources of light as seen in nature in the Seeking Light In Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a GoPro HERO4 Session and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Reflection" by yagami

Congratulations Runner Up "LIGHT DIRECTOR" by JEKAMOBILE

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Moonlight Sonata" by voss

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Night Storm" by thricegrate

Congratulations People's Choice "My two shining lights" by sujatasetia

"Everything Zen" by jasongerard

"Golden Light" by suzymead

"Under the Tuscan Sun" by moharrim



"Hedges of Light" by stephenemerson

"Milkyway over the hoodoo" by Osterholtz

"Evening Misty Glow" by Paul-Stapleton

"The Hand Of God" by ElenaParaskeva

"Golden Friendship" by lisaholloway

"DSC_8537-Edit-Recovered-2" by mohammadmirza

"Sun and sunflower" by cameliasopon

"Moonset Over Mt Baker During the Perseids Meteor Shower" by jasonmatias

"Light From Heaven" by pimpin_nagawan

"Dartmoor Ponies " by RichardShore

"Northern Lights Over the Milky Way" by acseven

"_DSC7800_1" by filiperemita

"Solar Orgasm" by marcocacciatore

"Looking for Light" by NiCoBoCo

"Spot Light" by vincentcroce

"Mt. Hood Milkyway" by Aflorer

"Antelope Canyon" by AlanWilkinsonLRPS

"Fire on the Water" by hillaryyounger

"And she went off into the sun" by marissajanelleaho

"Wildebeest at Sunset" by LeeBennett

"Moving" by JGemplerPhotography

"Green Rainbow" by massimoperlina

"Daybreak on Frosty Tree" by jimstennette

"Burn Piles" by stkerr

"Enchanted Valley" by elenapardini

"Kylesku Rainbow" by Badgrandad

"Channeling the Gods" by joseramos

"kvænangsfjellet" by Eventyr

"BEAM ME UP" by CreationScape

"Arctic touch 2" by marekbiegalski

"Halo of Sublimation" by paleblue

"The Infamous Lightbeam " by A_Wakefield


"Torre del Sella" by jamesrushforth

"The Eye" by DoraArt

"Standing in the Spot Light" by nikipike