Today we’re excited to officially announce the launching of a brand new VIEWBUG experience, a new logo, and visual identity. The new VIEWBUG includes a bunch of exciting new features and we cannot wait to reveal all of them in the coming days and weeks. To get started, we have launched a brand new Creator Studio where each member will have access to new exciting creative features:

1. Weekly inspirations Every week we'll show a new style and composition and encourage you to take a similar photo and show us your take on it.

2. Missions Created to help you develop a consistent shooting habit and improve your creativity.

3. Mystery contests. Participate and unlock awesome prizes.

4. Limited contests Share your creativity before it's too late

5. Puzzles Have fun solving them, challenge yourself and your friends.

6. Memory games and community chat coming soon.

Your profile also got a facelift including larger images, enhanced security, better resolution, and an easier way to navigate. The contests have a brand new explore page where you can see the submissions, get tips, explore similar contests and engage in a community chat.

We are also launching a completely re-designed, brand-new apps on iOS and Android. Not only that, but the viewbug membership is also getting better and new features will be included such as photo downloads, unlimited contest entries, professional prints, and more. We loved our old logo (and look) and know many felt the same, and yet, we decided to evolve it. We've held onto the same friendly colors because we want you, our community members, to feel at home when using the viewbug platform.

The new viewbug design and logo hold a special meaning for us as they represent how committed we are to the community. We wanted the new logo to showcase the movement and fluidity that we see within the platform; every day we witness stories of personal growth and creative inspiration.

The new logo comes together with several updates to the design and user experience, and we’re going to continue to improve and grow, all with the goal of making viewbug even better.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll see all the other visuals around VIEWBUG aligning to the new look and direction. We’re still viewbug, but now more modern with consistent visual identity.