Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the rule of thirds composition in the Rule Of Thirds Photo contest v3 with chances to win Nikon D3300 and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Jennifer Hudson for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Jennifer Hudson is a young visual artist creating staged imagery that is both artistically stylized and meticulously crafted. Drawing inspirations from themes of faith and the intricacy of personal relationships, Jennifer is a dynamic and emotional illustrator of the human heart. The work is soulful, seeking the use of the forgotten or discarded, heavily symbolic, eerie and quiet.She references her faith and spirituality to bring insight and awareness, using heartfelt, acutely mapped personal experiences.

"Bailey " by MattSelbyPhotography

"Searching " by theresadonahuemcmanus

"Flowers gone" by christiangigerphotography

"The Green Tree " by Stu_Soley

"Framed elasticity 2" by FruzsinaGBerkes

"Mimic" by keithpersall

"Arches " by albaker

"Light the way " by (A)joshuabeniston

"Giraffe Posing " by gabrielasse

"Abandoned " by Pascale

"Walk With Me" by andreaevans

"Young Buck" by (A)dpinard

"Roan antelope and ox-peckers" by joankleynhans

"Pulpit Rock At Sunset" by RGW-Photography

"Destinations" by olehenrikskjelstad

"Swirl of Colors" by (A)chrisreichard

"hidden" by joecas

"Winter silence" by chris-herzog

"Cheeta" by (A)devonvanhoffen

"Autumn Cascade" by FalconEyesPhotography

"Ice World " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Alone in the Forest" by clareahalt

"Dreaming Big" by christianjohnoreilly

"Cape Palliser Re-edit" by (A)davewilling

"Sisters in the Forest" by (A)ianchen0

"Pier into the Mist" by suegraves

"the three ages" by photo-bloom


"Face to Face" by (A)MariaBander

"Barn in Pablo, MT (Mission Mountains)" by scottwilson

"Belvedere Farmhouse" by (A)lynnpeck

"Smelling the Roses" by whiteshipdesign

"untitled" by MichelleNewport

"Mushroom" by RMSano

"Rakotzbrucke-Devil bridge" by rafcio76

"Portscatho, Cornwall UK" by RichardShore

"Tucked in tight " by (A)carolyns

"DSC_0103-3 " by (A)miguelgrandes

" " by Mariko

"Days End " by WestBoundaryPhotography

"Solitary " by Nishant-101

"BADLANDS SUNRISE " by bpidala

"Raining in the City " by rossglasgow

"Isolation in Iceland " by (A)SueLeonardPhotography

"The Cerro Torre " by WildEssence

"Italian landscape " by livioferrari

"reflections on the past " by RyanWunsch

"Ocean " by outdoorphotodream

"vestrahorn twilight " by Angus80

"Paddling on the Basswood River_MG_4379 " by ghamer

"Gimsoy church under polar light - Lofoten Norway " by mopimops

"Morning light " by saintek

"DSC_2201 " by ckautzer

"Tireless " by Alannixon

"_DSC3237 " by AlejandroFerrand

"Burrowing Owl " by (A)MDM24

"Love " by Hedde

"The thinker " by EllenWissink

"Moody Moss " by natosed

"Bird obsession " by LAcreativephotography

"Lighting up time " by SteveCrampton

"Facing the sun " by alexriemslag

"the photographer " by pixelmac

"New Day in Bagan " by kutsey

"Girl in the mirror " by Chris_Bos_Photography

"Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy " by ovi_craciun

"Never is a Promise " by Wayne-Stadler-Photography

"The lake's house " by julecho

"Kate " by klepikovadaria

"DC-3 Wreckage " by (A)JoshuaDavidReid

"- D R E A M L I K E - " by spARTiat_de

"~ Encounter at Sunrise ~ " by HenrikSpranz

"Owl " by ericakinsella

"Triple trouble " by Ethos

"calluna " by alorin

" " by racheljonesross