Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing rooftops in this photo contest with chances to win a Flash Speedlite and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Peter-Paul de Meijer for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. De Meijer's work was recognized by a number of outdoor magazines for whom he became a frequent contributor. He combines personal work with commercial assignments for various companies in the outdoors industry such as Red Bull, O'Neill and Motion Analysis. De Meijer has been shifting his photographic interests towards travel, adventurous sports and food photography. In 2011 he started an on-going collaboration with 3 star Michelin chef Sergio Herman. His work has been featured in a variety of editorial magazines, such as Traveller's World (Europe), Whitebook (China) and Powder Magazine (USA), amongst others.

"Skywalker" by Timestr3tch

"Pebbles 35 " by ronharrison

"Over the Top " by Carmine

"Khu Tho Taw Pagoda " by myominkyaw

"VictoriaPeak overlooking Hong Kong skyline " by rowanke

"Kyla Roof Top " by warrenstowell

"A Night Suite " by ashtraus

"Chongnonsi Intersection " by marcusburtenshaw

"Snow Covered Ottawa " by glennbernasol

"Munich in winter (Serie) 6 " by Dayan

"City Photos Seattle - December 2017 - Vespera-7 " by KEnagonio

"Fair " by SteveWazowski

"Dubai Fog " by Joerg

""Buy and sale" " by ewelina79

"Bad Weather in Paris " by jacobsurland

"St Emilion Sunset " by MiguelLecuona

"Autumn in Prague " by YuliaTrubina

"Rooftop at Brantwood " by kez.photofolio

"FromThePeak " by WendyHudnall

"Dresden " by Anneliese-Photography

"Yesterday I joined @mrcsjsn, @ajaiwithaneye, and @jjamison1973 at this gorge " by canahtam

"Roofs of Prague " by runeaskeland

"Twin Sisters " by PhotoMark

"Frosty Morning " by pixadeleon

"NY " by (A)mityaika

"Venice 141.06 " by (A)ZeLuiz

"The Cross " by (A)jonpearson

"Chicago Lights " by (A)simonwu

"Palais de Tokyo and Passerelle Debilly, Paris, France (Tilt shift) " by kiwidragonfly

"Princes Street " by Vemsteroo

"Chicago at Night " by kish71

"Vancity Vintage " by seanschuster

"Leeds Night scape " by gilesrrocholl

"Ghent " by StephenBridger

"Bled fairytale " by MarHor

"" And I miss you, like a desert miss the rain.." " by JCPhotoPro1

"Aerial View of Omis and Cetina River Gorge at Sunset " by ansharphoto

"Cape Hatteras Sunrise " by GigiJim08

"A Storm is Coming " by frankseltmann

"Watching from a Rooftop " by beyond_the_prism

"Melbourne " by Ozscapes

"London-Downtown " by phillip_brossette

"TopOfTheRock " by (A)whaevamakesuhappy

"High Above The Sky " by martinkrystynek

"Flegere, Chamonix " by snowdon

"Old Chapel & Winter " by Myroslav

"Old Town of Dresden " by frankseltmann

"City by night " by RTDPhotos

"The Legend " by Megabrain

"The Railways and the City " by VToom

"untitled" by danpark

"New York from above #2" by tommycimarelli