A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best shots of people with red hair in this photo contest with chances to win a Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack II and more!

We appreciate the collaboration of all the people that helped us find the following winner by voting for their favorite shots in this photo contest. More cool photo contests coming soon, stay tuned.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Ginger " by LissetPerrier

Congratulations People's Choice "Elena " by alexeykazantsev

Congratulations Amateur Winner "DSC_1059-Edit-2Simona " by kejty

Congratulations Runner Up "Bianca " by ive27

Congratulations Runner Up "MYLE " by Bloups

Congratulations Runner Up "Cherry " by thierryvouillamoz

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Mehandi " by Andrii_Kazun

"Irish sensuality in fiery hair and a soul full of freedom " by Tengy

"Bella " by christinannszczesniak

"Ygritte " by MarketaNovak

"Refd Sun " by Loza

"Lion heart " by NinaMasic

"Little Pixie " by emwillphotos

"Lady in the Boat | Liliya Nazarova " by liliyanazarova

"Golden Light " by suzymead

"xbone glamour fotograf Jihlava Vyso?ina (31) " by danaxbonehosova

"Ginger Woman " by LisaAnfisa

"Fox " by fokusgefluester

"Maria " by oktraa

"Signe " by SisselaDK

"red mystery " by spARTiat_de

"Redhead Faith " by evelinaraguckiene

"Look at Me " by miguelantunes_8885

"Corinna autumn " by nutsphotography

"Suzie " by malvinette

"Sunspot " by Anibas

"Freckled girl... " by Reka

"The Torment " by fidfoto

"Ophelia (3) " by JessicaDrossin

"flowerhome " by Hanny-Honeymoon

" " by joshshriner

"Cloe " by yannickdesmet

"DSC_2645_pp " by fionadj

"Ella " by HENSHAW_photography

"Red " by stephaniecomeau

"Spring Wishes " by AmberHardman

"Witch " by nastasya1

"Anna " by juliadurova

"Winter Veil #1 " by octavboban

"Elizabeth & Denisa " by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"Kristiana " by MarMo

"Alyssa " by anetacoufalova

"tumblr_ltektyy2v31qakydao1_1280 " by Mastertouch

"painted " by vividvisions

"Red vision " by TimeaKaplonyi

"Emerging " by nikkikebbertmulkern

"Play Misty for me " by nathanhowells

"Me " by ceciliacerri

"Making Friends " by CrystalImaging

"Larissa " by SarahBowmanPhotography

"*** " by annakazakova

"Daisy " by alexmoldovan

"Veronika " by pedrontheworld

"Cute girl " by AndreSantosPhotography

"Augustine " by Dasha

"Sun " by maximilian_eheim

"Dark Josefine " by jennisjberg

"sophie " by sageluna

"Ann " by zachar

"sundown " by Marcogressler

"Rising Star " by ghphotouk

"Nancy " by MartinSlottaPhotographie

"Freckles, freckles, everywhere freckles " by idlehands

"Sofa " by impmagination

"Red Hair warrior " by tinaradnic

"Autumn 2 " by ElaImage

"Tia " by janswanepoel

"RED-Queen " by KoreaSaii

"Tatiana " by Kerberos486

" " by johnfaust

"Butterfly dreams " by mariakinosian

"Swimming. " by jessymay

"lovely Sharon " by MKwintera

"Fire and Snow " by gracealmera

"Red Headed Beauty " by Gemgirlwv

"Wildcat " by andyballer

"Snow Queen " by Prijaznica

"Freckles Beauty " by Ermal

"Nida " by jasonmatias

"Mona " by siegart

"Karina " by JackHoier

"Catching Peace " by AlissaBethPhoto

"Fire " by SeldaPhotography

"Happiness is... a warm puppy " by liliaalvarado

"LadyInRed " by Chelsie_Cannon

"Delia C " by eduardbg

"Melissa " by jasongrover

"Alice " by Kirichay

"Medieval " by SilverPearl

"An Adventure's Beginning " by AbbyMathison

"Eyes of steel " by panilsson

"Reading " by Stepan13

"lady molotov " by adrianchinery

"Garden of Eden " by kkeetondesigns

"Jenny " by peterwilson_4619

""Lillian: Two" " by Himawari

"fairy " by magorzatakuriata

"Michelle " by sollenaphotography

"Pink Anthurium " by alemarcbloom

"Elin " by Martensvensson

" " by odedios

"Awaiting " by rekhagarton

"Kirsti " by lujeanburger

"Tea? " by cristinacovas