Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos pushing their own limits in this photo contest with chances to win: HTC One M9 + SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC!

The winners are in and this is the overall thought of the guest judge: "I have to say, this is not an easy grouping to choose from. There are some amazing photos, all great examples of photographic passion from which to choose “the best”. They are all winners on their own." - David Guy Maynard 

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer David Guy Maynard for his collaboration as a guest judge. David is an award winning, internationally published photographer working in Fashion, Beauty, Event, Fine Art, Nature and General Commercial photography. His work has been in numerous magazines and publications around the World, as well as being featured on respected web based business sites, in galleries, and exhibits.

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Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Magic Mountain" by MargaretN

"From the pushing the limits perspective, just getting there must qualify. But the end result pushes this amazing image over the top for me. The exposure is smack on in what can be considered a very difficult scene to balance. The whites have detail intact as do the darker areas. Composition draws the eye appropriately to the meeting of peak and sky, where you get not only a sense of massive altitude, but an almost ethereal sense of earths fingers reaching into the heavens. Truly beautiful, and expertly balanced." - David Guy Maynard 

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Climbing at Cinque Torri" by jamesrushforth

"If capturing a well balanced, and wonderfully composed image while hanging from the side of an extremely high cliff face isn’t pushing the limits, I am not sure what would be. Physical challenges aside, this image speaks well for itself. The composition, color and light balance work together to produce a captivating photo that both tells a story, and pleases the eyes." - David Guy Maynard 

Congratulations Runner Up "Dive, Dive, Dive" by Jamie-MacArthur

"A different set of limits are being pushed in this fantastic example of masterful camera control. Proper focus, frozen and tack sharp fast moving subject at what is clearly high magnification, make this image stand out. As any bird photographer will tell you, there must be at least some element of patience and luck in timing with any extraordinary in-flight photo. But having the skills to catch that moment at optimal levels is the deciding factor. This is decidedly well done, majestic, and quite beautiful. " - David Guy Maynard 

Congratulations Runner Up "Green parrot snake - Costa Rica" by JimCumming

"Colorful, engaging, and beautiful. The somewhat shallow DOF works magic in this image, drawing the eye to the sharp and focused business end of this lovely creature. Well chosen angle, and impeccable timing make this a fantastic action nature image. Well done." - David Guy Maynard 

Congratulations People's Choice "Morning Thunder" by Riotan

"Find the peace..." by alexandresurel

"PORTHCAWL WAVE" by Gray3378

"Lioness Love" by vujadeexpressive

"At the Edge" by JeffTerzi

"Morning Begin" by harymuhammad

"Heaven Crater" by chokysinam

"Standing on the edge" by arpandas

"The Lone Wanderer" by booradley5

"Highlander" by roryturnbull

"V" by lucparent

"Ancient Pictograph / Self Portrait " by ChrisVanLoan

"In Flight Fight ~" by ReneeBlake

"Releasing the ashes of the fallen....." by Straight8photo

"Lake Oberon" by Crispy_Scapes

"Reflection" by Sasha_Bizjak

"Watching Sunrise" by sushmitasadhukhan

"Deadly Situation Addiction" by HayesNovichPhoto

"Elephant Dust Bath" by mytmoss

"Vilcanota Mountain Range, Perú" by sergiovindas

"Light show" by kevincowley

"Over the clouds" by curdinwuethrich

"Selfie From Shadows" by WelluVirtanen

"..." by photka

"8ex" by lydiabigras

"Ride" by FaithPhotography

"Grandview WV" by Vance64

"Another night in Budapest" by Nurlan_Tahirli

"Facing The Storm" by samanthawellsphotography

"Birds eye view" by JayLawler

"DSC00159 web" by vasiliskaloutsikidis

"sand angel" by stevenjay

"Killer Jeep" by keithbartholomew

"Africa on the Street" by ramiyer

"Lindisfarne Castle" by DrawsWithLight

"A fish eye view" by theone001

"Fire Dancer" by porlusatmaelstrom

"Smokehouse terrain" by juliusmanly

"All washed up" by stevejackson

"Dead Red" by jamesnelms

"Into the Abyss" by ryansnodgrass

"Train at night" by piotrzarzycki

"Sunset" by renzoscerpella

"Freedom" by tadejturk

"Sky Pilot" by allenhoward

"Sea Wind To Keep Hair Dry" by NFDI

"beyond the ocean" by NFDI

"Midnight Train" by nhdphoto

"Eat my dust" by bojben

"Pouakai Plateau" by peterflorence

"opera" by Eddy22

"forever" by stillinmylongjohns

"Dinner" by radekgora

"Coming Undone" by PeterHardin

"Heavens Coast" by janstria

"Moraine Lake" by Zzyzx

"Big Sky Country " by suzymead

"Insignificant" by vale_en

"Dominating" by rohanbd26

"Angels & Fire" by chrisbuff

"Coyote - BCLP-2" by Pegertler

"Daughters of the Jump" by Archangel72

"Twilight Game." by Clairvoyant_Photography

"Pixie 5" by ronharrison

"Aqua Cave" by jonathanwatson

"The Summit" by kierankerrigan

"DSC00009" by BrunoHeeb

"Fishing For Company" by tpruessner

"harsh winter" by stuarthingston

"Angel in Distress print" by scottfranks