Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most amazing photoshopped images in this photo contest in collaboration with CreativeLive. We’re pumped to team up with CreativeLive on this contest. Their free online workshops featuring the world's most accomplished photographers are a terrific way to continue developing your skills. Photoshop helps you transform the average image you have into the jaw-dropping image you want! Photoshop Week is your opportunity to learn the tools, techniques, and shortcuts you need to bring your unique creative vision to life.

For six days, the world’s most inspiring photographers and retouchers will show you how they work their magic in Photoshop and Lightroom. You’ll learn exciting new ways to transform your work and create images that stand out from the masses. Learn more.

4 Judges, the world’s most inspiring photographers and retouchers, will each select one Grand Jury Winner. One of the biggest events in photography is coming back to CreativeLive – get ready to learn from the industry’s best during Photoshop Week 2015!

Congratulations Winner "Red autumn" by CasaBay_Photo

"This is a good example of a double exposure. I like how the heck is reversed out,  overall interesting composition." - Collin smith

Congratulations Winner "Gorgon girl in dungeon" by olenazaskochenko

"I liked how the entire image had been transformed digitally… from the water ripple reflection on the floor and ceiling to the levitating glow and bubbles above the figure. Also the skin tone color and outside area where integrated color-wise." - Ben Willmore

"Music At The Edge" by ElenaParaskeva

"Alone In The Dark" by RobertGaines

"Foggybottom LAYOVER" by timothywood

"Project 59" by Dawsonhoney

"Power" by tammyswarek

"Arizona" by Alekseytulskikh

"DSC_0132-Edit-2" by alexsahagn

"Molding beauty" by scottfranks

"Bloom" by sarahbowman

"''HER IMAGINATION''" by pineisfine

"Fall" by laurenstanley

"Atlas" by stephlissa

"Windswept" by keithpersall

"Lonely Island" by dustpixx

"untitled" by mauromarques

"magic Box" by usachevalexander

"Inside-Double-Arch" by phillip_brossette

"Midnight Train" by nhdphoto

"The-hitchhiker" by adrianchinery

"Cool as" by howardashton-jones

"Winter day" by MilicaDC

"The Hand" by LauraMaria

"Icarus" by michaelanglin

"Lost Village Toy photography" by felixalejandrohernndezrodrguez

"The singing ringing tree" by jamesrushforth

"Hard Working" by alexmoldovan

"Scintillant" by robbyticknor

"Gate to Heaven II" by wolongshan

"Pipeline End" by PhotoKyn

"fish" by BensPhotography

"Umbrella Corporation Cerebrus" by tomato1236

"Water" by PhotoWorks

"A teen angel" by jhovanyrosales

"Me Nerd Me gamer Me photographer." by JamesOliverConnolly

"Fantasy" by mmarriuss

"Fishing For Company" by tpruessner

"Southwold at Night" by andicampbell-jones

"Walk of Dreams" by samhaggett

"Steampunk Rendezvous" by rturnbow