Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos that you shot using a filter in this photo contest made possible by our friends at Breakthrough Photography: "In addition to featuring the highest resolving optics for today’s highest quality lenses, we wanted to create a filter that was thinner and therefore lighter, but at the same time increase its functionality and it’s durability. That led to some really surprising design challenges and innovations. Featuring state-of-the-art optics, unique traction frame designs and weather-sealed durability, our new traction filters stand in a class of their own."

A special mention to friend and professional photographer Jayesunn Krump for his collaboration as a guest judge. Jayesunn Krump is an award winning photographer based in Portland, Oregon. With his extensive experience shooting indoor and out, working with all types of people, models, children, families, celebrities, and more, Jayesunn has become known as one of Portland's premiere photographers and lighting experts.

"Floating Around The Bend" by sortino

"Path To Eternity" by antoniolaranjeira

"The Swirl" by mohib

"Exeter Canal Contrails" by LauraWyld

"Durdle Dawn" by MikeW

"AK Pond" by vlier_photography

"Nervi Sunrise" by Tiziano

"Cape Banks" by JMenggolo

"One Tranquil Morning At Honda Bay" by GigiJim08

"kauri sunset 3" by EllBeeEll

"KBP-2" by kristynbarnesgait

"Mogador" by NiCoBoCo

"untitled" by NoelSalisid

"FB_IMG_1429265832952" by (A)arthurstingo

"Hot and Cold" by (A)ashagiharahap

"Ocean Sunset" by akwindow

"The Hunt" by michaelkeel

"IMG_2460-Edit-AAAaaa-DN-cmpd" by leemolof

"Formby Point" by ogdapuss

"Bonsai Reflections" by corymarshall

"sun" by aufakeren20

"untitled" by Denis09

"Sunset in the Keys" by clfowler

"the rays" by doodley

"daily fligth" by joecas

"Rialto" by MargaretN

"Baltic summer..." by kbrowko

"summer fairytale" by tadejturk

""Tangerine Sunrise"" by Iconoscope

"Shelly 9" by (A)DanMac

"comacchio " by (A)spitfire

"Pontypool Folly " by (A)davidpstephens

"Flowing" by (A)Structor

"oh eiffel" by amylaportgant

"The icebreakers near Marken" by DennisartPhotography

"Thelisis" by PanosPhotographia

"Beach at Bamburgh Castle" by DrawsWithLight

"Enclosed" by (A)PolygonsPixels

"Brooklyn Bridge" by NirmalGiri

"Wake the Sleeping Giant" by Piroska85

"_DSC6510-Edit-Edit" by germanruiz

"Scarlett wearing scarlet" by RobClaysPhotos

"beach dance" by alanalee

"Aruba" by (A)Leon213

"Red Umbrella" by Sanmi

"1E8A9554 Lake Macquarie NSW" by rodshop7

"Godafoss" by antoniozarli

"Sugar Loaf" by worm78

"The Pier" by CurtisReese

"Hummingbird Moth" by suzanewhitney

"sunscreen and ND filters the perfect beach day!" by (A)lianeguerinbolles

"Aberdeen beach" by ireid195

"Cliffs of Moher" by marekbiegalski

"Mom & Babe" by scarlettnjo

"Flaming Descent" by jeffbunn

"IMG_7048" by lauradark

"Morning Light" by 2onephoto

"Death Valley Sunrise IV" by markcote

"Jokulsarlon Ice Beach Iceland" by swheel

"Frozen landscape" by johnst