ViewBug community member PatCliffordPhoto is a Gold Coast based photographer who spends  90% of the time in the water, camera or no camera. Photography has been a passion of his for quite a few years and he feel as though the more he become involved in it the more he see in the world. It's as though he have gradually learnt to see the finer details in things and the hidden beauty where others may see nothing.

I love photography because it's a way to let others see the different way you view the world around you. No two people see the world around them the same and I believe photography lets us capture that unique view we each have.

My camera lets me capture those fleeting moments that happen faster than you can truly appreciate them. You only get fleeting glimpses of perfection especially in the surf and underwater, so to freeze that moment and be able to share it is truly a gift.

I find inspiration when people truly express themselves in their favourite form, whether it's while surfing, swimming, or playing music. Someone that is true to who they are and live their life accordingly are inspirational beyond words.

One of the photos I am most proud of is “Painting a picture” because there is nothing better than a photo that evokes different emotions in different people and this photo connects with people in many different ways which I absolutely love. The slow shutter speed and splashes of colour let the photo really slide into people's minds.

My favorite place to shoot is the ocean because it has more moods than you can count and absolutely anything can happen if you are willing to spend the time within her grasp. The constant movement can lull you into a deep sense of calm if you can let go of your fear of the unknown.

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is “kites by the sea” by Iwona. It makes me feel like there is nothing we can't do with our time on this earth. The edit is incredible and I know how hard it can be to work with kids so definitely an astounding image.

My favorite lens is 50mm f1.4 fixed as it forces you to really work your distances and it has the funnest light flares to work with. I shoot with this lens in the water a lot as its depth of field is challenging yet extremely rewarding.

These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:

1. Time and experience can beat good gear.
2. Be different and don't worry about how silly you look as you aren't the one being photographed so get into those crazy positions for the shot.
3. Photography can't always come first but you should still set time aside when you can to get out and shoot!

My favorite item in my camera bag is my CMT water housing for those long days in the ocean where a heavier housing would get me tired hours earlier! The lighter you are the longer you stay.

If I could shoot one dream location it would be Bahamas because the water clarity there is beyond comprehension and there is still reef which hasn't been ravaged by overfishing and sun bleaching. Plus there is an island of wild pigs that love to swim with you and play on the beach.