Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing your pet's character in this photo contest with chances to win the Panasonic LUMIX. The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7 10.1-megapixel digital camera is a more portable solution than a DSLR, without limiting your creativity or optical performance. The DMC-LX7 boasts a newly developed 24mm ultra wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens with F1.4 brightness at the widest end and F2.3 at the telephoto end. The large aperture gives you the power to make photos with a shallow depth-of-field.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Jennifer Lynne for her collaboration as a guest judge. Jennifer is an award-winning professional photographer, mother, wife, and coffee drinker in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She focuses on glamour, fashion, and fine art children’s photography. Her work can be seen in multiple magazines and throughout galleries in the Albuquerque area. She draws on her southwest surroundings and background in philosophy and art to connect with her subject and create images that are timeless and sophisticated.

"Knowledge" by tanjabrandt

"My dog portraiture" by thierryvouillamoz

"I spy Little Miss Hope" by jennakrinsley

"Captivated" by saraascalon

"Fetch" by TroyWheatley

"Little Pest" by albertoghizzipanizza

"CuriousIMG_8165" by ardy-B

"Water Dog" by jvcron

"Cute as a button" by AvalonImages

"Just Chillin'" by tomrothery

"FIGHTING FOR THE MARE" by ChelseaMoonCrazy

"The Flower Girl" by FrankSomma

"Logan and Harvey" by CC24

"Hopefull" by EricLinusF

"Malaki" by stevejackson

"Muddy Paint _hand_color_tint " by MegaryT

"Sneezy" by lindseyapril6

"HPpuppies-4" by LindaGordon

"Kitties den " by (A)LisaMClarke

"Pixel" by OjaiImages

"Abigail Personified" by camellia16

"MDP_7596" by LittleSkullPhotography

"Sad Eyes" by IanDMcGregor

"Jessie " by AshThomson

"Focus" by Hart_Photography

"Luna" by lisaholloway

"The power and the glory" by (A)stuarthingston

"Patches and Pine" by vanessasiggardkay

"Her Own iPad" by Dfreid

"Pass me a towel someone" by jcavell

"Blu" by lucafoscili

"Dessert-for-a-Princess" by MaryAnnAndrews

"Co-Exist" by FotoflyStudio

"snow dog" by elecfoto

"The Cat's (Not) Out of the Bag" by emxsee

"Ozzie" by neilbarr

"German Shepherd Puppy" by kmoraru

"Fall Cat - Re edited" by nightrose0087

"Fur" by jessicaeik

"portrait2aLR signed" by (A)ronwetherell

"Birkie's Joy" by staceystitgenmeanwell

"Waiting ..." by The_O_Grapher

"Basset Hound pup" by rpgdepictions

"Breuer" by (A)Scraggymutt

"jasper" by beamieyoung

"The Stare" by matravers

"Puppy Love." by (A)mick7677

"First Mountain Adventure" by Zeattle

"Buddy fancies himself a photographer!" by KristinaGale

"Karma Sad Hound" by youaremyjoy

"Studious Creature" by jennifersummer


"IMG_0420-copy" by kdooley

"Jingle bells" by linodoto

"Chuck" by mandypiccolo

"IMG_8030" by BlancheSistersPhotography

"Hiding" by boberic