Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing people with water, from sad faces in the rain to happy folks in the pool. A big thank you to Good Light! Magazine for their collaboration. They shows you how to use simple and reliable lighting setups in order to return from your shoot with awesome photographs. It features videos with tips and tricks.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "A Drop Of Blood" by sarahallegra

"A spectacular work of art, which captures my attention and gets my imaginations started in all kinds of ways. This surreal scene bears a so much mystery. The image is an example of story telling at its best. The composition of the two floating bodies could not be more dramatic. On the one hand they seem to be calm and slow but at the same time the water also twirls them around. The photographer leveraged a wonderful color contrast between the blue water and the red scarves. All other colors, like skin tones are desaturated to a minimum." - Michael Zelbel

"Splashing Time" by nyomancolinxsundra

"This photo shows a refreshingly joyful and lighthearted scene at a spectacular location – a combination that is seldomly found in photographs. The water is used in many visual ways. It creates geometric lines as well as a backdrop. It’s the geometric shapes that make this photo so visually appealing: The water spirals from the children’s buckets, the straight horizontal of the cliff the children are jumping on. • The scene leverages backlighting, which makes the water drops popping out powerfully. In the middle of all this splashing water it would usually be very tough to communicate visually what the children are doing, But the colorful buckets in the backlight work wonders here: One look at the photo and I get an idea what’s going on. And then I am drawn into the details. " - Michael Zelbel

"Surface Chillout" by Diego_Gracia_Photography

"Singing in the Rain" by nicholetomjanovichquinn

"Snow Dazed" by tpruessner

"_MG_0925" by laurenstanley

"Renee Glass Aqua Babe 1" by iancartwright

"Bubbles" by CVPPortraits

"Poolside Beauty" by porlusatmaelstrom

"Joy" by MargaretN

"Touching My Reflection" by Straight8photo

"Skiing at Sunset" by ericstephen

"Cristi" by tinamarie_7110

"singing in the rain" by SkyCaptainGannon

"f;loo" by AgnieszkaD

"Thermic" by jamesbrown

"Phuket, Thailand" by adriduqueg

"Little Mermaid" by iamalexistobin

"spiral water" by blackswan

"Night diving" by olgavolodina

"Ophelia" by keithmaynard

"Scintillant" by robbyticknor

"Beauty & Water" by ginnardarchibald

"Molten Silver" by porlusatmaelstrom

"Pool Party Experimentation 2" by epicsaxman

Congratulations People's Choice "Kristy" by louisloizidesmitsu