Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing a composition of lines extending in the same direction in the Parallel Compositions Photo Contest with chances to win a timer remote switch, a shutter release, an IR remote control and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Charles Lupica for his collaboration as a guest judge. International award winning photographer, author, and workshop leader. Owner / leader of the Online Photography learning community, 256 Shades of Gray™:  "My images have been sold worldwide for use in magazines, newspapers, brochures and even a jigsaw puzzle, featured artist July 2013 Artist Culture Magazine."

"looking up to nature" by AnneDphotography

"Aire Valley , Californian Redwoods" by (A)KHulm67

"Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Kyoto-817476" by Patosan

"Light From Above" by christopherpayne

"Jacob's Ladder "Still Waters"" by StormPath

"The Sentinel" by lisaholloway

"All Roads Lead To Rome" by lanatolle

"Clevedon Pier B&W" by JamesChisholmPhotography

"Convergiencies" by antoniozarli

"Walk The Plank" by gappman

"House of God V" by stefannielsen

"Rafinery" by williamdesaulniers

"Under The Boardwalk Again!" by chrisholcroft

"Looking UP" by albertdros

"Broken Pier " by kish71

"Lines" by jacphotographic

"Salk Institute " by nayanbehera

"IMG_0248" by GafaGabriel

"Tree in vineyard" by Cookieman

"Astoria Pier Pilings" by HIPHeidiIhnen

"gnp 2013 dillon-" by dannerroyce

"Into the Sunset" by lkbuchanan

"The railroad bridge" by amazed

"Al Garhood Bridge 3" by tinoskiee

"Pier and sunset" by renzoscerpella

"Sunset Shadows" by RichardReames

"The Long Road" by PhotoWorks

"Colorado Aspens" by ericakinsella

"Parallel Startrails" by KnutAageDahl

"Wilmington Pier" by alexgutierrez

"Hold The Vision, Trust The Process" by nicolasntohme

"Vitreous" by SandroRossiImagery

"untitled" by Larote

"Under the bridge ...." by ChristerW

"out of the office" by ardilla

"Canoe Bridge" by (A)nikipike

"Highway" by Mikkel

"Nightwatch" by Denis09

"boulevard of broken dreams" by ovosphotography

"the terminal" by boitasapin

"Leaving Soon" by (A)carolcardillo

"TRAMWAY." by Rob_Eakins

"The Sunset Strip" by JonMonFishImagery

"Arthur Ravenel Bridge Series in Black and White" by Photogirl118

"Boardman Road" by tomtyson

"Deserts Begining" by 14renren

"22 Below" by Tor-Ivar

"purple sea" by (A)anitawillems

"DSC_2893" by franklinabbott

"Tower" by HatcatPhotography

"IMG_9098" by (A)thakorpatel

"Icelandic winter mountains" by Geinis

"February Cliff Lift View." by (A)michaelatkinson_5804

"Montoro.Andaluzia" by cristian_to_u

"Bound for Nowhere" by (A)jpnjoe

"Foggy Walkway: B&W" by bellzax

"AON-Prudential b/w" by fred_fiii

"Spring fields stripes" by petersvoboda

"Lines To Infinity" by ElenaParaskeva

"To the Train" by rhmimages

"Lines Among Us" by GkCM

"Bridge tower" by austinlawler

"Old, new and holy" by Jan_Zajc

"Matrix" by kapuschinsky

"London Skyline" by Red5

"Motorway Light trails" by (A)arcocreative