Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best nature shots in the Our Natural Photo contest with chances to win Daniel Kordan Tutorials and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Daniel Kordan for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. For years I observed and taught thousands of students who were struggling with some very important aspects of landscape and nature photography. Among those struggles were, for example: how to scout for new unknown locations, how to be in the right place at the right time when shooting landscapes, how to master composition, or how to control exposure in difficult situations, and how to develop your own style. I had those struggles myself in the beginning of my career. So, I decided to create this tutorial to help to overcome those and many other challenges. This tutorial is full of tips, ideas, and knowledge that took me years of practice and dedication to acquire. Learn exactly how I do it and how YOU can do the same or better.

"Tre Cime sunset" by razvaniliescu

"Polar Bear Reflection" by paaluglefisklund

""Mom, I´m a big lion, I can walk by my own!"" by lmr337

"First light on mountains..." by elenapardini

"Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea" by WildEssence

"Approaching Storm." by timmeekins

"Free Spirit" by tonybruguiere

"Split Dream" by MedicineWalkPhotographer

"Hitching a ride" by zachparkerimages

"Sacred Ground " by Truc_Nguyen

"Pillars " by francescogola

"Nunobiki Falls " by carmenioneanu

"Little foxes " by (A)mariejosecouture

"Yosemite " by JeffAlexander

"Athabasca Falls " by pixadeleon

"The Forest Floor " by AMills

"Tunnel View Sunset " by wnourse

"The Arch Way" by charlotterhodes

"Snowy fir trees" by jfraser5

"The secret waterfall in the narrow canyon" by Jonrunar

"Winter wonderland at night" by thomaskast

"Sheep at Sunset" by christianbrogi

"Welcome to my Dream" by alex_lauterbach

"sfondo016_2" by DaniloRosiniImages

"Tre Cime" by Tiziano

"Aurora Ice Glow" by DPBVisual

"Glacier Ice Cave" by (A)jackesoto

"Sunrise over Bryce Canyon" by roygoldsberry

"Nature's Art" by Kris_M

"I left the good camera at home, so all I had was my iPhone for this capture at Blue Lake in the North Cascades." by (A)MountainRogue

"Winskill Stones" by jamesaphoto

"Ice bay" by jansieminski

"Peekaboo" by mgtoni

"Epupa waterfall " by bb676

"Kirkjufell, Iceland " by (A)andreaheribanova

"Weekend Walk " by (A)Dangler__18

"Titans " by Dragos_Pop

"Roadblock " by RobSoegtrop26

"Ancient Watermark " by Andre_Farinha

"Palouse Falls " by squilliamtennisballs

"winter forest (The last monk - Posledný mních) " by PeterSeitler

"Green sand? " by johnygoerend

"Moraine Lake" by (A)Zzyzx

"Tree In The Night" by rossdixon

"IMG_6573-251" by David_Eppley

"Polar Bear" by (A)maaritkomulainen

"Blue Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux

"Thunderstorm" by (A)scottsinclair

"The Glowing Faces of El Capitan" by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"Frozen Carezza Lake" by LucaPelizzaro

"Moraine Lake" by EvanHaas

"Clamming upright" by ccpence

"Milky Way, Meteors, White Place, New Mexico " by roypope

"Sunrise in Monument Valley " by gottobeme1234

"Intensity Personified " by troymarcy

"Light in the forest " by jamierichey

"Strickland Falls, Hobart, Tasmania " by lake_of_tranquility

"*** " by (A)vassiliychishko

"Rage of Mother Nature " by (A)JAStandring

"The lesser spotted eagle (Clanga pomarina) " by tomas_photographer

"Highland Cows " by keithcavanagh

"Rage " by joe_menggolo

"Snow Monkey " by michaelneinast

"Huangshan Magic " by billsisson

"Soda Creek, Oregon Cascades " by jmartelli

"Sahalie Falls " by clfowler

"Godray " by alexanderuljanov

"Random Falls-2 " by Edinseye

"Part of The Pride " by KColbyPhotography

"Hammerhead On " by (A)MattWFrost

"Irja and Iben " by (A)MariLaegreid


"A pod of Orcas going after a crab-eater seal on an ice floe. " by SueClarkPhoto