Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing any type of owl in the Only Owls Photo contest with chances to win a Sigma Lens and more and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Luke Tscharke for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Luke Tscharke is a passionate landscape and nature photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. His work has been recognized in many photography competitions, where he has recently won 2015 Monochrome Photographer of the Year, 2015 International Landscape Photograph of the Year. He is also a regular contributor to Australian Geographic Magazine, where two of his images have been used for magazine covers.

"Barn Owl" by LPonTour

"Two Owls" by richardmangan

"Huh?" by meganlorenz

"a little peck" by bridgephotography

"Northern Saw Whet Owl" by mosesimages

"Hawk Owl hunting over the snow" by hibbz

"Owl" by Chris_Gibbs

"Pygmy owl" by (A)KMHalaska

"Scream" by EuroBen

"Snowy owl 1-" by etrdryzt

"_HUT2629" by waynehutchinson

"Barred Owl " by MitchellWentzell

"barn owl" by dmitrysamsonov

"Snowy Owl, head on" by (A)DSCan

"Owl & snow" by VDPFreelancer

"Barn Owl" by AndyHowePhotography

"Barn Owl hunting" by iesphotos

"Great grey owl" by MattSelbyPhotography

"Watching Sunset" by (A)patgriffin

""Great Gray"" by SunBear22222

"9N4A0870" by Anneliese-Photography

"Burrowing owl" by (A)radovanzierik

"On the move" by DesireedeLeeuw

"Inquisitive" by NedBurrell

"Great grey owl" by (A)iriswaanders

"Screech Owl in the Snow" by tracymunson

"Whoooo@s Scary now Eh!!!" by johnmdavies

"Look into my eyes" by AHogue


"Mistic Landing" by shawnvoloshin

"Snowy Portrait" by karyntureckischiller

"Bard Owl in tree" by allanrowe

"OWL" by alekseisolovjov

"I see you " by beamieyoung

"_Z7A8958 " by (A)bonjoy

"Actually, I am quite happy! " by DocTom

"Oskar " by MarketaNovak

"3C8A1531 " by dylantjader

"Willow " by natashagilmartinjames

"Harfant des neiges " by (A)mariejosecouture

"'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance' " by (A)embas

"Grumpy ! " by zistos

"Mono owl " by (A)davewx