For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best photos showing only one subject in black and white with chances to win a gift bundle. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon.

"Magnificent mammal " by (A)staceyholleystark

"Blackhawk Down " by ChixPixPhotography

"Enjoying the Arch " by Bob5253

"making fire " by kasper

"LIL Neyo with Tina Marie Photography " by tinamarie_7110

"Feeding Elephant " by ChandlerWalker

"Little Rose " by ericstephen

"A Chick, A Click, And A Curl " by Keane_Eye

"scattered. " by punk_tual

"Self portrait " by samuphotograph

"lifeguard station " by frankseltmann

"JR " by jessclark_4292

"Rayna " by zinojohn

"Jason Tiilikainen - Film Noir (with Rosa Summanen) " by Jason_Tiilikainen

"Native " by Kornum-Photo

"Mono-Titled " by OrvilleSpence

"Suzanne9 (1 of 1)bw " by ajcophotography

"there was the sun " by natachapersyn

"Take My Thoughts With The Wind " by SFalagario_photos

"Room with a View " by non_dairy

"WE ALL KNOW " by mareksalajka

"Masai tribe boy " by UsmanovRashid

"Lion " by Komainu85

"Verena, 2018 " by daniel_anhut

"Mid Work " by wero

"4734 1 " by santiel1889

"DJ Den - February photo session " by djden

"0170 " by JudiD

"fashion 09 " by sergeyduhanin

"Eurostar " by JavierPedrazaCastillo

"Mountain of Steel II " by FredGramoso

"** " by AndreaPi

"Serene Dolphin " by AthynaRock

"fearless! cat " by sylviobanker

"Indian old man " by diegoscaglione

"IMG_0024 " by jimanderson_4570

"Skully " by giannisjohnidiskritikos

"Rebbeca " by MCsaba

"Cosford-278 " by iancartwright

"Storm Large " by georgioskalogeropoulos

"Roy Pope__Ma " by roypope

"Late night reading.... " by Cezary

"Been around the world... " by ErikDerbyPhotography

"Surfing Orca " by Lpepz

"Her Hands " by ShannonAlexander

"Dark Desires " by chriscoleman

"Amanda " by MishoJx

"Spray " by Jtrojer

"DP PHOTO SELECTION " by dimipapanikos

"No Escape " by stephenwong

"?????? " by Kerberos486

"IMG_2005_bw " by VincentRoccoPhoto

"Photographer " by tmlakshmi

"IMG_8025v2 " by ronaldwebb

"TT Black Frame " by AnotherDayisNOW

"Tallinn Bay View 2000 IMG_9697 " by NFDI

"Moods " by ralfeyertt

"Eva guitar bw " by SanneLphoto

"Aston Martin GT3 " by philtaylor_5129

"DSCF7650 " by St-GermainPhotographie

"Codebreaker B&W " by ronsmith

"DJ Kilmore I " by (A)lednuke

"Long, cold walk... " by Gambar

"Reflective " by andreaaccordino

"Wolf Profile of Nico.JPG " by troymarcy

"Pilgrim " by Darrenp

"Staying safe " by Kylerosso

"Dangerus " by (A)NickSW

"Here's Looking at You " by (A)bobdee

"The fear " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher

"Eye B/W " by LaurenGalantyPhoto