Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best night photos in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EOS camera and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalist and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon.

"Shining bright " by saintek

"Seoul lights " by iordandanielteodorescu

"Starcamp 2018 " by sakevanpelt

"Ferry Building at Night " by Hollingsworth

"The Lights of Yosemite " by crismagsino

"Milky way with astroid Pigeon Point Lighthouse " by tomingramphotography

"Suspended in Darkness - California's Golden Gate Bridge at Night " by KennethKeifer

"Kirkjufell Dreaming " by mattpayne

"Vik Aurora Church " by bengreenphotography

"moonlight " by Iwona

"Mojave Cross Galaxy " by toxictabasco

"Lightning in a Bottle " by jesdomacasse

"Mountain Archer " by Blionbg

"A Night among giants " by StuartMcMillan

"Old memories of the wild sea " by Bren_Ruiz

"Romantic Amsterdam " by massimilianoconiglio

"Watcher of Galaxies " by JBaptista

"Calm night over the Monte Rosa massive " by petersvoboda

"Val-de-funes with MilkyWay " by Madebyvadim

"Moonlight Sonata " by nina050

"electric sky " by pauljoinson

"Fireworks on snow " by redshiftimages

"Into another world " by antonagarkov

"Moraine Lake Under the Night Sky " by GoMustang

"Lightning over Ginkelse Hei near Ede, Netherlands " by HansBerendsen

"Bodie Island lighthouse. Outer Banks, NC " by jasonlynch

"Night in Slovakian mountains " by LubosBalazovic

"WINTER IN TOWN " by nikosladic

"Midnight Reflections " by JLShepardPhotography

"Half Dry Lake " by Nishant-101

"trollstigen " by hasmonaut

"NYC “The Wedge” " by OliverJacobsen

"Through the fog " by gkojadinovic

"Jetty and the bridge re edit december 16 " by MarkGillespiePhotography

"The Bridge " by Ricardo_Mateus

"Aurorascape " by Mbeiter

"_6106073-EditBig Island " by wayneobald

"Forth Rail Bridge " by PaulPersys

"The perfect view " by GiulioCobianchiPhoto

"Journey's End " by paulatchinson

"*Contemplating stars* " by Mauro_Mendula

"Northern Lights at Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfalls Iceland " by larrymarshall

"Happy New Years 2018 - 5 " by AdamK

"Milky way over Pulpit Rock " by dominicbeaven

"Moment of Eternity " by MSPhotography-Art

"Egton Landscape Milky Way " by davidrelph

"LONDON. " by felicebellini

"Exploring the Great Expanse " by Astrophotobear

"Light Up the Sky " by drowning

"Wind Farm Trails " by TimHallPhoto

"Elan Valley at Night " by philowen

"St Peters Basilica and Angels Bridge at night " by MBphotographybiz

"Moon rocks " by tomaszspychaa

"Aurora VS Sunset " by paaluglefisklund

"Venice Beach Pier at 3 AM " by ArtbyArt

"University of Nottingham - England " by dietrichherlanphotography

"Dark Gossips " by cleitonisoton

"Wings of the night " by MicktheGreek

"Riverwalk #102 " by jonwolding

"Singapore at Night " by kiramorris

"Splash " by CreativeArtView

"Storms over the Sea " by ryanshanahan

"The old tree. " by lourdesortegapoza

"Stars above us " by DJ33

"Greek Ship " by tynn23

"Das Krokodil 2 " by Eifeltiger

"Capo Caccia lighthouse " by fabriziolutzoni

"Coastal Vigil " by timlucas

"Pigeon Point Blood Moon " by kenfong_7038

"Lake Chalice " by Simonsun

"Heavens above " by gesser

"Scratch " by FedericoAntonello

" " by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Fitz Roy 207 " by Foto-Hausdoerfer

"Night @ the windmills " by Gpn1980

" " by tomhealan

"The heart of Alabama " by dereksturman

"Coastal Explosion " by kennylerosejr

"Ground control to Major Tom " by GaryCummins

"Busan Moon " by georgebellon

" " by jennervandenhoek

"Let it Snow " by Svetlana_Sewell

"The city that never sleeps " by miguelmd95

"Path to the eternity " by daniturphoto

"bridge " by tadejturk

"Hamnøy aurora " by kaihornung

"the bilionar hotel " by AndreaSagui

"The Trouble with Harry " by acefillmore

"Reflections " by davidsantangelo

"Hamnoy Aurora " by lddove

"_MG_4873b " by rcscharf

"Desert Planet " by Jason_Hayes

"Aurora " by gijscollet

"SUP and Stars " by sdondero

"winter evening in Lviv " by Myroslav

"Midnight Mayhem " by Joshua_N_Lopez

"The whisperer in Darkness " by arpandas

"Milky Way, Meteors, White Place, New Mexico " by roypope

"Silence " by martinson-crusoe

"Rowena Crest " by Darrenp

"The "Boneyard" " by frank_delargy

"Nightfall at Point Mugu. " by jasongerard

"Hallstatt - A Moment in Time " by StefanLueger

"Monviso by night " by Mattia_Bertaina

"One night more in Gotham " by jacksoncarvalho

"The singing ringing tree " by jamesrushforth

"On the roof of The Hardrock Hotel " by Timestr3tch

"Starry tree " by wildlifemoments

"AshdonRunning " by tomato1236

"Winter Silence " by erikmcritchie

"Castle Kriebstein under the stars " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Cross The Bridge " by Federico-Povoleri

"Villefranche Sur Mer " by Alexlud

"northern lights " by Andre11

"The Mist. " by Samantha_Dawn

"Burning Tree " by bracey

"city lights around 101 Tower " by Joerg

"Fog of the Night " by Follest

"Last Contact " by ShabdroPhoto

"Hong Kong City Night 2017 " by lekahuie

"Moscow City " by klepikovadaria

"| P E R S E V E R A N C E | " by one7studios

"Bath by night. " by Alkalloyd

"Tibbetts point Lighthouse at Night " by markpapke

"... " by StLookUs

"Tall ship " by MishaMaricPhotography

"Uunisaari Helsinki Finland " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Maloja Pass " by bortnikau

"Northern Lights " by swqaz

"Painting the Night " by ManishMamtani

"0E2A2100-2 " by danielburton

"Stars above Dolomites " by plur44

"Hamnoy and Aurora " by maximletovaltsev

"Parkes radio telescopes - Parkes, NSW - Australia " by dallasnock_photography

"Swip Team " by giorgiacolletti

"Crayon Box 1 " by dereksouter

"when dawn meets night " by wolfgangmoritzer

"Counting Stars " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Seiser Alm " by alekrivec

"Mapoza Male " by Gregmorambo

"Lights and Colours of Innsbruck " by Steve-Pond

"~ last summer night ~ " by patricebechtiger

"The cormorant fishermen " by carmenioneanu

"Northern lights " by boitasapin

"composing-quiberon-milkyway " by sylvainmorizot

"2016-08-0035 " by GTJones

"Dolomiti In the night " by JoseDRiquelme

"Moonless Sky. " by Dkadams

"Starry night at the 5 Towers " by MaurizioCasulaPhoto

"stars in her hands " by olgamoskaltsova

"In your dreams " by Gahpir

"Come Outside! " by debcoimages

"Monument Valley Milky Way " by WorldPix

"Sun & Stars " by Yorge

"FishMarket " by PrysyazhnyyOleksiy

"Under the Milkyway Tonight " by SteffenE

"Life in a movie " by NicoFroehberg

"The Guardians " by PhilipEaglesfield

"Midnight Photographer on Black Sea Coast " by atanasdonev

"Sacred Lights " by Juliocastropardo

"Under the stars " by MadalinN

"Astro-Curva 24.05.2017 SEM LOGO CROP " by leofroes

"Landwasserviadukt " by Axel-Jusseit

"Aurora Night Sky " by KimNordbyPhotography

"When Bay Lets Me Take A Pic " by benkong

"Aurora in Iceland II " by trevorcurtis

"In Japan " by DanielKordan

"Streetcar to Dystopia " by jamesnelms

"Giovanni " by maximilian_eheim

"Rising Milky Way " by razvaniliescu

"Treasure Hunter " by Harbi

"Strasbourg, France " by hanzunroj

"Solstice " by karolispipiras

"ManMadeEnvironment " by rogerhampton

"Steel City " by (A)ventenni

"Mountain road Vol. 2 " by kjetilstenslandvilnes

"A Night At the Vatican " by LisaShalom

"Sleeping gannets under the Milky Way on a moonlit night. It’s safe to say that they have the best views in the house! " by mrlesterchan

"Pure Nature " by alvarosj

"Sanibel Lighthouse " by maperick

"Karersee " by spidi1981

"Icon " by WildSeascapes

"late night tree viewbug " by islandbug

"2018_DarMar_sunset road " by DarMarWorld

"Bokeh Escaping Bottle " by souleye

"Metra Stop on Narragansatt " by inesgardea

"Downtown Dubai. " by LukasPetereit

"starry night at the light house " by lukeperez

"Space " by Akses

"Panamint Dunes " by Dantes_View

"Stars above Gstaad " by j1bach

"Light in the Dark " by mmarriuss

"Mt Hood and Trilliam Lake-40 " by JosephClark

"Supermoon Eclipse " by neilkanhai

"Moonlight Sonata " by voss

"The road to hell " by truetolifephotography

"Acceptance " by Jbbevel

"IMG_7459 " by joedesanto

"Night Drive " by derricksniderimagery

"?? ????? Sa?s?ra " by Soljacker

"Lunch time! " by Simon_eeman

"Foggy early evening waiting for a train! " by danmoran

"Under the lights " by SarahBeer

"Tower Bridge in lights " by alechickman

"Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II " by nonseireale83

"Claws Drawn " by chrisbalboni

"Milky Tree " by fabiosozza

"San Diego Super Moon " by Steve_Deck

"The mysterious flame of Khate Ya " by rostand

"Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges " by vb99

"Jervis Bay " by PetarBphotography

""Alpenblick" " by pixadeleon

"DOC campsite " by A-Kamermans

"cala cipolla night " by danieledessi

"Catching the lights on the London Bridge " by adamvasas

"North Star over Vogelsang, Yosemite, California " by Walklightphoto

"The BLUE SWALLOW " by henridroski

"Blue Vernazza " by methariorn78

"Colorado backpacking-21 " by JMKEPhotography

"Long exposure drone shot of the LunaPark in Manoel Island, Malta " by justinciappara

"Milky Way at Folly Beach, Sc " by dawnhammannvanauken

"Stars on Mirror Lake " by wandererdeb

"Alan wake style " by AntonioMarchetti

"Over and Above " by zachparkerimages

"Moonlit Lighthouse " by keeley15lf

"Ce type est plein " by siamesesam

"Hamnoy, Lofoten " by marcsharp

"Hanalei Bay " by jamiemacisaac

"Discovery " by CraigBill

"In the paddock at night " by (A)daniellecarlisle

"Sea Cloud Docked " by (A)AnnSagel

"Slepping in a lavvo " by zlimmen

"Shasta redux " by (A)ianchen0

"Kenneth F. Burns Memorial Bridge " by (A)mjhousto

"frozen lake on a cold night " by (A)Robert222

"Northern Light in Ersfjordbotn " by (A)Lorenzoragazzi

"Derelict Dakota beneath the Aurora " by SueLeonardPhotography

"Manarola night lights 2 " by (A)aidagri

"Street Light Reflection " by (A)brianwesterlingphoto

"Between the city and the moonset " by (A)macgondar

"Abandoned station " by (A)Gondyc

"Thunderstorm on the sea " by (A)JulesK

"moon gazing " by Shykeim

"Fire-show " by (A)usachevalexander

"Victor " by (A)pauljohnson_8677

"Lisbon... Muse of poets " by (A)anaritaferreira

"Guardians of the Galaxy " by (A)Davemce

"Bruges canal " by (A)RossMeetsWorld

"Teepee's Under the Milky Way " by (A)KendraKPK

"Dancing lights above one of many icelandic waterfalls. " by (A)mattbenham

"The Heist " by (A)G-Mac81

"Aurora curtain over the Teepee " by (A)polaris

"DSC_0272 " by (A)kevinzimmerman

"Moon " by (A)edeldagfinrud

"???????? ????????? " by (A)Olga_Rudchenko

"Phattalung Milky Way " by (A)Kamsing

"Take Me To The Upside Down " by (A)s_cavazos

"Toplight " by (A)eperjes

"Surreal Moon V2 " by (A)kurtthompson