ViewBug community member and guest judge Peter-Paul de Meijer (born in 1987 in Sluis, the Netherlands) is combining a medical career (he is a part-time general practitioner) with one in photography. Success in photography came early, being awarded the second prize in the prestigious Nike Sweetspot photo competition, shortly after starting photography in 2007. De Meijer’s work was recognized by a number of outdoor magazines for whom he became a frequent contributor in the following years. During this period, he combined personal work with commercial assignments for various companies in the outdoors industry such as Red Bull, O’Neill and Motion Analysis.

Driven by an intrepid spirit and with propulsion from an all-wheel-drive Subaru, de Meijer set out to document the raw and pristine landscapes of Aotearoa (New Zealand) throughout four seasons in 2018.

Countless hours were spent in the outdoors traversing rugged landscapes, scaling ridgelines, or navigating dense rain forests, often under less than ideal conditions, to capture the essence of its native beauty, resulting in a timeless fine art series that invites the viewer to step inside the frame and visualize the environment.

Ultimately New Zealand’s vastness and ever-changing yet timeless vistas construe a strong sense of solitude and tranquility: a refreshing change from hectic modern society, adding to its mystical allure. Her Majesty’s Vastland is de Meijer’s first in between diapers series.

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