For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best food shots with chances to win a Moment Wide 18mm lens and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Solli Kanani for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Solli Kanani is a professional photographer based in Paris. With a genuine interest in gastronomy, she spends the majority of her time doing food photography. She contributes with images to food magazines but also captures plates of Michelin-starred and award-winning chefs. Several of her photos were recently shortlisted in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020.

"Roman desserts " by lisalantrip

"Burgers.. " by elenapardini

"Whiting and wine " by coreygedwards

"If it’s not plant based, it’s debasing " by Brotherly.Love.Photo

"Squash Soup " by Joacomaj

"Paris Desert copy " by tricianicolescott

"Breakfast menu " by naurisdollins

"FB_IMG_1490874090628 " by KatherineM84

"Cake time! " by daliaa

"Sarasin and Chocolate Pie " by drphoto44

"Breakfast Elegance " by schevallier

"Rotisserie Chicken " by bryxter

"Bon appetite! " by sallybryancullen

"Shrimp Po’ Boy " by Syolalan

"Nuts Pie " by giordanoaita

"Pancakes " by jonathanbartlett

"Oregano Baked Chicken " by CreateNovate

"Mango with vietnamese yogurt smoothie " by KQpham

"Chocolate and Pistachio Babka " by carmenioneanu

" " by Pupparazzi

"Cranberry Orange Muffins " by russsmith

"Meat and Mojitos " by meganbethmillar

"Belgian Waffle " by acglock

"Asian Food Series 1 " by CoreyForde

"Established 2004 " by Morgan_Lytle

"Dinner for One " by glenmarshall

"Cucumber dish " by stefaanachtergael

"Iraqi Traditionl pastries at Eid " by ruaaalbasha

" " by Kelhall83

"who want cake " by sandhyhindrawan

"My favorite dish " by ramdion

"117235419_162763012139598_2452478474303690896_n " by _9658_4894

"EE247AE0-D311-4577-B20B-E232D92E796E " by adamalthen

" " by asoblanc

"Fav Dish " by alvinyonathan

"Mmmm.. Are you hungry? " by cheadict

"Chrysanthenum pie at Le Pigeon in Portland, OR " by iy6q29dsfm

" " by themasked

"Breakfast " by surenderkumar

"Strawberry Eclair " by dawnvandoorn

"Crawfish boil " by edwardsikora

" " by olga_wing

"Lunch Munch " by volkmer

"Healthy Salad " by dimowat

"Hitting the Walls " by Alf_Myers

"Richie Rich Ramen Bowl " by jonathonchandon

"Macaroon Heaven " by DarkEyes

"Sweet " by davidwkwok

"breakfast from heaven " by DonnaRacheal

"Sashimi " by CraigJPelling

"Taco party " by deborahv

"DSC01989 " by mihaileu

"Metropolitan Club NYC " by AIHphotogrphy

"Linguine " by YuliyVasilev

"Watermelon " by Stefany

"spoon1-wb " by PatriZioMBusnel

"straw " by jeanettekbbernholm

"Mystery " by ImiTakacs

"m'hanncha " by mariedeviell

"Halftime Special " by HINESightMedia

"Dessert Design " by jasonebberts

"French Bakery " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"lunch " by ismeghead

"Banana Split " by dkmaxwell

"Colombian tamales " by mymissda1

"Rawa Fish Fry " by satyajitmore

"fried chicken " by awatifaziz9

"my first pho soup
" by (A)amielcarz

"Macarons " by (A)moniquenieuwenhuizen

" " by (A)Rahul7878

"Cake " by Josef4727

"Fideuà Paella " by (A)lolofrango

"Delicious! " by Actxy_ST

" " by (A)stevegermana

"My dinner " by (A)lyndenmaley

"Waffle cover with sugar on the plate and ice cream " by (A)Snowyns

"Burger " by (A)jackiegoodwin

"7E1DBF22-34AE-4772-84A7-1098AFEED6C2 " by bcjjjodonnell

"#cheese #foodporn #giantcrumpet " by (A)KamieH

"Butter-baked Salmon " by peterbailey_7741

"Pizza " by (A)leahminderhout